The Battle Between Tumi vs. Rimowa: Which Should You Buy And Why?

“Tumi vs. Rimowa, which one should I get?”

Since I frequently travel, people are always asking me to compare or evaluate these two brands. Well, we can’t deny that these two are on top of the best luggage brands available in the market today.

I know you’re wondering by now which one you should get for your upcoming travel. Of course, there will be several aspects that we have to consider. So to help you decide, I’ve listed down below details to make your decision-making a lot easier.

So get your money ready as we are about to discover which brand should you make your first travel investment. Please keep on reading below.

TUMI Luggage Review

If you’re in the hunt for a new bag, TUMI luggage will surely be able to deliver your belongings safely and of course with style. No wonder why there are so many travelers who consider TUMI to be one of the best standards of travel luggage.

Let’s see how this brand compares!

1. History and Origin

TUMI, which has gotten its name from an ancient Peruvian god, presented its first bag collections in the year 1975. Charlie Clifford built this iconic luggage brand after making a stint in the Peace Corps.

Clifford used to be assigned to Chiclayo, a developing city located on the coast of northern Peru, which he considered being a life-changing experience. His work at the Peace Corps gave him the confidence to know that he could succeed at something different and new. So in the year 1974, Clifford invested in a small import company called Llama Line which sold native crafts from the Andean countries and started developing a brand that costumers would go looking for.

Though you may probably find TUMI today as an upscale luggage brand, I’m sure you will be surprised to know that back in the 1970s, their products appealed more to earlier hippies who adored handcrafted leather bags. He started the business by selling rugged leather bags in South America

tumi vs rimowa

The TEGRA-LITE MAX Collection via Amazon

But in the mid-80s, Clifford together with his team realized the business travelers have the ability to pay more, so he decided to start developing products that would be appealing to this target consumers. They came up TUMI with a wide opening, organizational pockets and U-shaped zipper. And to make them more durable, they made bags in ballistic nylon. In the year 1983, they emerged to be the leading design company in the luggage industry with their introduction of the revolutionary carry-on garment bag.

Ever since then, they continued innovating their product with wheeled luggage as well as business case categories and this has increased the number of their consumers all over the world. During 1993, they launched the TUMI Wheel-A-Way which is a state-of-the-art wheeled luggage design featuring exceptional packing capacity, custom-designed components, in-line skate wheels as well as retracting handles so it can be either carried-on or checked in.

And in the year 2016, two of the biggest names in the world of baggage have joint forces. Samsonite, one of the world’s biggest luggage company, acquired TUMI through a $1.8 billion agreement. Hence, TUMI has expanded its reach all over the international markets.

2. Designs

TUMI greatly understands that its consumers require various products that will be suitable for their specific travel styles and meet their particular needs. And so, there is a range of TUMI products in every classification, there’s carry-on luggage, checked luggage, duffles and satchels, wheeled briefcases, garment bags, travel backpacks, laptop backpacks and leather backpacks and slings.

TUMI keeps on introducing new product collections that will reflect the best aspects of the brand like organization, performance and of course, modern design. In fact, as of to date, TUMI already holds over 125 patents for its design as well as engineering breakthrough. No wonder why the brand has been regularly recognized by leading consumer publications as one of the best products in the business and travel categories.

Anyway, each TUMI luggage comes with a 20-digit registration number to help you find your lost bags.

3. Size

TUMI comes in a various size to suit your needs no matter how long you plan to be away from home. They offer suitcases that you can either carry-on or checked in. For instance, its bestselling TUMI V3 International Expandable Carry-on measures 9x14x22 inches which are the maximum dimensions for most carriers but it can expand up to 2 inches and can still be carried on.

While its V3 Worldwide Packing Case made of polycarbonate plastic and has four dual wheels measures 12.5 x 22 x 34 inches.

tumi vs rimowa

Tumi Alpha 2 Continental Expandable vi Amazon

4. Material

Since innovation has always been TUMI’s trademark, they are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest material. They make sure they are using the lightest and most durable materials that are going to make great travel products. Whether it is ballistic nylon, hard side, fabric, leather, nylon and textured fabric, these are all the types of materials that we know will be able to withstand all the harshness travel can bring.

5. Durability

TUMI take each of their product into the real world by testing and trying it out in every scenario you can ever imagine and since this brand is just so obsessed with innovation, they patented FXT ballistic fabric that combines a unique weave together with a special coating to make the luggage ultra-durable. They also have the Durafold feature which is a construction method that reinforces the corners of hardside cases with heavy-duty stitching and impact-resistance caps.

While the handles of its luggage promise to never let you down as it comes with a virtually damage-proof X-Brace 45. The tubing of the telescoping handles is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which is not only sturdy but lightweight too.

This is definitely the reason why I fell in love with my TUMI Tegra-Lite Large Trip Packing Case which main advantage is its fantastic durability, it is capable to withstand any scratches, knocks, and drops that is really possible with international travel.

6. Guarantee

TUMI offers world-class Customer Service. Purchasing TUMI comes with the promise that if something goes wrong, they are going to fix it. If something breaks, they will be repairing it. And if gets lost, they will help you track it down with their TUMI Tracer ® product recovery program.

TUMI actually has more than 260 service center all over the globe with experts that can provide you with solutions and services. This means you can simply stop by any store to help you with any services you need, like handle repairs and zipper pull.

7. Price

The price also varies. For instance, the V3 International Expandable Carry-on is available at Amazon for around $419 while V3 Worldwide Packing Case can be purchased for $625. TUMI luggage can a bit more expensive compared to similar products, but it will last you longer than the cheaper alternative suitcase. You get what you pay for with TUMI.

Recommended TUMI Luggage:

1. V3 Worldwide Packing Case

Via Amazon

Tumi has a wide selection of checked baggage suitcases that are perfect for extended trips and my favorite is the V3 Worldwide Packing Case. This is Tumi’s only hard-sided checked baggage. It has been designed using polycarbonate plastic, it comes with four dual wheels and has a telescoping handle in two stages.

I really like the insides of this luggage; it has tie-down straps, hanger bracket as well as three zip pockets so you can properly organize your essentials. You can choose between two colors for this luggage: pacific blue and black.

2. Alpha 2 Worldwide Expandable Packing Case

Via Amazon

Next on my list is the Alpha 2 Worldwide Expandable Packing Case which is the largest suitcase of Tumi as of this moment. It measures 12.5 x 21.75 x 34 inches allowing me to squeeze in almost everything in its two zippable pockets.

I like how durable this luggage is, since it is made from ballistic nylon combined with corner bumper guards, you can be sure that it will survive no matter how harsh your travel condition is. It also comes with four dual wheels beneath and a telescoping aluminum handle to maximize its dexterity.

It is priced at $1,175 on Amazon, but I can totally say that this can the best travel investment you can make, especially if you frequently travel all over the world.

Recommended Products:

RIMOWA Luggage Review

This German luggage company is a pioneer in the industry in several ways, there’s no doubt why it has made a name for itself and became of the most exciting brands.

Let’s take a closer look to this brand that produces one of the most iconic hard-shell casing in the world.

1. History and Origin

In the year 1898, Paul Morszeck first introduced Rimowa luggage in Cologne, Germany. During this time, the company's name was Kofferfabrik Paul Morszeck.

Morszeck has been so brilliant to come up with an idea of making luggage sturdy and lightweight. It produced cases made of wood with a design that is as lightweight as possible. Well, his idea has definitely become a goldmine since it gained a considerable following from various travelers all over the world.

In 1937, the son of Morszeck, Richard Morszeck, took over the company and switched the luggage from word to lightweight metals. This proved to be an incredible innovation of luggage when it comes to durability and weight, but of course with the added elegance and sense of style too; this is definitely something that can’t be duplicated during that time.

So as new technologies were born through time, Rimowa made sure that they will always be ahead of the competition. Both the aluminum and polycarbonate suitcase originate with Rimowa. In the year 1950, Rimowa moves forward to aluminum and caught everyone's attention.  They invented the grooved aluminum suitcase, hence the brand's tagline that says "the original luggage with the grooves".  This is just one of Rimowa’s signature design elements, which adds a distinctive look to its case.

In the year 2000, they were the first company to build polycarbonate luggage which helped frequent travelers fight the unreasonable fees for weight limits on checked bags as this comes even lighter.

Aluminum and polycarbonate are both strong materials that offer durable yet extremely lightweight luggage that can withstand countless climates and condition of your travel adventure would be. Rimowa definitely has always been ahead of the game even before the other companies recognized the ongoing competition and I guess you'd agree on me with me when I say that this will not be changing anytime soon.

tumi vs rimowa

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 32" Multiwheel via Amazon

2. Designs

You can quickly recognize RIMOWA because of its design that features groove structure to its case shells. Rimowa keeps forward thinking attitude with its stylish and simple design but never sacrificing the luggage’s maneuverability and functionality of this ultimate travel accessory.

3. Size

Of course, RIMOWA collections give you the freedom to choose between a range of different cases suitable for your type of journey. Whether you need to pack up for your entire family for the upcoming annual vacation or you are a frequent traveler taking a short business trip for the weekend, RIMOWA has the size that will suit your needs.

RIMOWA luggage is available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes with volume that ranges from 20 to 120 liters. However, RIMOWA'S polycarbonate luggage is available in size XL with a capacity of about 120 to 150 liters.

4. Material

Since Rimowa makes sure they manufacture high-quality products, they leave nothing to chance when choosing its materials. As mentioned, Rimowa luggage comes in either aluminum or polycarbonate. 

The ultra-light luggage of Rimowa created from polycarbonate has been a groundbreaking innovation. They have used this every bit of this high-tech material's massive potential. Since polycarbonate is so lightweight, it is being extensively sued in a modern-day vehicle and even aircraft construction. This material can also hold out exposure to UV radiation and is also resistant to cold and heat that ranges from -100-degree Celsius to 125-degree Celsius. What's even great is that this material is extremely flexible. For Rimowa’s luggage, this only means that they are producing products that combine durability and extreme lightness like RIMOWA's best-selling SALSA collection which has been designed with incredibly strong polycarbonate. It is actually the first luggage to be created from polycarbonate.

5. Durability

The main advantage of RIMOWA is that it is not only trendy but it also doesn't skimp out on durability. Since it is made from the most durable material for luggage, you know that your bag is strong enough to handle the harshness of whatever your travel condition will bring, even if you will be traveling to remote places.

The polycarbonate luggage can even continue to look new for an extended time.

6. Guarantee

Of course, there will be a chance that your luggage won’t stand the test of time. Fortunately, RIMOWA gives a 5-Year Guarantee and Manufacturer’s Warranty on all their luggage all over the world. This will keep you protected from manufacturing faults and range of defects.

7. Price

RIMOWA covers a wide price range and the individual luggage’ cost will highly depend on its size and the material used. In general, aluminum cost a bit more compared to polycarbonate and the more innovative features the luggage comes, the higher the price will be.

For instance, the price for RIMOWA’s Kaehler collection begins as low as $500 for a multi-wheel carry-on and as high as $1,675 for a 32-inch multi-wheel check-in luggage. I know that spending $1,000 may probably be not something you plan to spend for your upcoming vacation. But believe me; you will be glad in the future that you did. Having you ever heard of this old saying that says "buy it cheap, but it twice?" This is very true when it comes to luggage. I'm afraid your cheap suitcase will only cause you trouble like wheels falling off, zippers no longer work or handle getting broken.

So if you are asking right now, "Is RIMOWA worth the price?" Well, don't forget that you are buying from a manufacturer that comes with a long history of reliability, quality, and durability. You really can't go wrong here.

Recommended RIMOWA Luggage:

1. Rimowa Topas Cabin 32.0L

Via Amazon

On top of the list is the Rimowa Topas Cabin. Isn’t it amazing that the Topas collection has been introduced as early as 1950? Original classic, I must say! It features high-quality lightweight design and of course, RIMOWA'S unmistakable groove design. There's no way you won't be able to recognize the aluminum alloy with its grooved surface from afar. 

And most of all, this is the biggest official IATA-size you can bring on board of intercontinental and continental flights.

2. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Hybrid 32.0L

Via Amazon

Another impressive carry-on you can get from Rimowa is the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Hybrid. It highly represents the best combination of functionality, stability and lightweight construction. Why? Because of all the luggage available today, this one combines two of the most efficient materials, the polycarbonate shell which is not only lightweight but durable too and a strong frame created from aluminum magnesium alloy.

Well, there’s no doubt why everyone has been bragging how beautiful this baggage is. Plus it comes in different colors too!

Recommended Products:

The Comparison

When we compare Tumi vs. Rimowa, you will notice that there are plenty similarities between these two bags. First, they are both using the same materials like polycarbonate or aluminum for their shells and nylon for their interior.

However, while Rimowa is only using these two materials for their bags, Tumi on the other hand also offers soft side bags, which I like since they are more expandable whenever I need to squeeze in extra sweater and at the same time can be easily compressed whenever it needs it to squeeze into the overhead bin.

Both companies offer dividers inside their bags, though Tumi added compression straps Rimowa wins by including multipurpose dividers on its luggage that can compress itself.

Security features are very important any bag. One great feature of any bag is a TSA combination lock as this will keep potential thieves from going through your bag but can be easily accessed by TSA security officers for inspection. ID tags are also another great addition just in case you happen to lose your bags during your travel.

Fortunately, both of the brands also made sure that their luggage is secured enough by adding security features such as ID tags and TSA locks. Most of Tumi’s bags come with Tracer panel, which has 20 digit number as well as a barcode that can be used to identify your bag just in case it gets lost. This means it will be easier to identify if the bag is your since there are no two bags that got the same number.

When it comes to the price, well Tumi and Rimowa are just similar. Most of the large suitcase cost about $1,000 so we can’t consider them to be budget models. Both brands also have a 5-year warranty to repair any manufacturer defects or related damage. But Tumi takes it an extra notch by covering the first year normal wear and tear as well as damages that will be sustained by airport handling. But after that first year, only the defects will be covered.

Final Thought

Buying a travel is definitely not a guessing game, we need to check out the details of these bags before we make a decision. But before you check out every bag brand available, I suggest you compare similar quality brands first, such as Tumi vs. Rimowa. Both of the brands produce high-quality bags that use the best line of materials to make sure their products are worth its price.

Anyway, I hope this review has helped you come up with the decision that will lead you to your best travel investment. And of course, only buy products from legit stores and online shops like and

So what do you think? Which among the two brands do you think you would bring for your upcoming travel? Let me know in the comment section below.

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