Tumi Backpack Review – Is It Worth The High Price?

When it comes to backpacks, there’s one brand you can truly trust and it’s definitely Tumi. Tumi backpacks have been known for being both durable and strong, plus there a lot of styles you can choose from.

There's no doubt why a lot of people opt for Tumi. So to help you decide which one to buy, I made this Tumi backpack review where I picked five of my favorite Tumi products. Do you want to know which bags made it to my list? Then please keep on reading below.

Why Is TUMI So Expensive?


If you travel frequently, a backpack is a great option and even the most convenient way to bring your things. It can be your only bag or even serve as the carry-on to your checked luggage. Either way, Tumi should be your go-to choice for travel gear.

You really can’t go wrong with Tumi. This brand has already been the most reliable source of backpacks and luggage for more than 30 years already.  It has been known for being a dependable purchase. It has already opened more than 50 stores and even expanded sales to more than 30 countries ever since it has been founded in the year 1975.

The bags they produce are not only stylish but is also made with high-quality materials and provide durability. They use highly durable Ballistic Nylon fabric as the main material of their backpacks. Even the zippers they use are of heavy duty.

They also always come up with the coolest feature that makes their bag practical and versatile backpack ideal for business, travel or just everyday use. Just like how Tumi Alpha T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack Laptop Backpack comes with a separate compartment for your laptop that you can just attach to the rest of the bag with a zipper and easily removed whenever you have to! There’s also the  Tumi Tracer® feature, which is a complimentary program that will help reunite you with lost luggage. Isn’t this amazing?

Top 5 Best Tumi Backpacks

1. Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass Business Class Laptop Brief Pack (Editor’s choice)


Black, Navy, Pewter


Ballistic Nylon, Leather


8 x 12 x 16.5 in


3.7 lbs


The first time I saw Tumi Alpha 2, I was quite sure I’m going to hate this bag. It was bigger than I’m used to and somewhat awkward. But the moment I used it, things have quickly changed. 

After my first trip with this bag, I am convinced that this should be on top of backpacks that I will feature. There are so many reasons why you would fall in love with this bag. First of all, it comes with a separate compartment for your laptop that you can connect to the rest of the bag with a zipper.


The laptop compartment can accommodate your 15-inches laptop, plus there are foam blocks to make sure your laptop is well-protected. Got a bigger laptop? Well, you don't have to worry as these foam blocks can be easily removed to squeeze in a laptop of different size.

On the outside of the bag, you will find two side pockets with generous size and spacious enough to fit your other essentials such as sunglasses, pens and other variety of small items. In front of it, you will see two U-zip as well as a lower pocket perfect for your business cards. the top U-zip can be used to store things that you frequently need for your trip, like your eyeglasses, towelette, etc. The other one is a concealed U-zip pocket in the lower of bag perfect for to hide your important things like wallet or passport.

Now let’s take a look at the insides of the bag! You will find an accessory pouch that is very useful for your chargers and cables. There is also a sleeve which my iPad perfectly fits. You will also see three smaller open pockets that can hold almost anything like medications or USB drives. There is also a key hook and pen loops.

What I like about this bag is that it is very checkpoint friendly that I can just easily get my laptop every time I send my bag through the x-ray machine at the airport security. Overall, this bag has been innovatively designed with excellent quality. It was designed to be useful, extremely durable and beautiful materials, even the zippers used were heavy-duty.

2. Tumi Men's Alpha Bravo Davis




FXT ballistic fabric​​​​


4.25 x 11.5 x 16.5 in


2.96 pounds


Tumi Men's Alpha Bravo Davis is definitely one of the most versatile backpacks made to make men even more stylish and sleek. This backpack actually belongs to the Alpha Bravo collection, a fully function collection that gives versatile travel through its modern and casual styling.


Just like the other backpacks in this collection, it made from highly durable Ballistic Nylon fabric. It also features shoulder strap that is very comfortable and can be easily adjusted. The compartments of this bag have been precisely designed for your laptop, tablet and several other essentials you will need every day.


I highly recommend this bag, it is perfect for our commutes or as a carry-on.

3. Tumi Women's Voyageur Calais


Black, Grey, Ocean Blue


Nylon with Leather


5.51 x 12.2 x 15.94 in


1.69 pounds


This business backpack is created especially for all the women out there. It has been made to represent modern women who are independent, fearless and most of all, fashionable. Tumi Women's Voyageur Calais is actually part of the famous Voyageur collection which main focus is to create top of the line luggage for women.

I’m sure you will like how efficient this bag is in carrying your important items. It will just fit everything that you will need to carry in a very organized manner that you can easily get your things with too much digging.


But most of all it is attractive enough especially that it comes with a variety of ensembles. It is actually mode with light-weight yet durable and easy to clean nylon. The shoulder straps are also very comfortable, adjustable and padded. You will also find a carry handle on top of the bag that is made of leather.


On the inside of the bag, you can really see that it has been perfectly designed for laptop or tablet or a room for all your essentials. The interior pockets will also help you organize your items of various sizes. While on the outside of the bag, you will find two great side zipper pockets. The wide front pocket with double zipper made the bag even more versatile. I was also impressed by how great the zipper pockets are, they open wide and they are perfect for the items you want to quickly access.

There are also different colors you can choose from, whether you like basic colors or funky colors that will really stand-out; you get to choose whichever represents you. You will also be glad to know that this bag is very easy to clean, all it takes is a damp cloth and a bit of soapy water and you can quickly wipe away everyday dirt or even heavily soiled areas.

Overall, this bag is a smart choice for women who need to carry a number of items but at the same time do it comfortably. What’s even great is that it did not compromise style just to achieve the ultimate convenience. When you are traveling, especially for business travels, you will definitely realize that this backpack is an absolute gem.

4. Tumi Men's Alpha Bravo London Roll-Top


Black, Arctic, Charcoal


90% Polyester, 5% Ballistic Nylon and 5% Leather


6 x 14 x 19 in


2.65 pounds


Tumi Men's Alpha Bravo London Roll-Top is the best way to upgrade the way you travel. This roll-top backpack also belongs to the Alpha Bravo collection which I must say is a remarkable collection.

I was very impressed with this ruggedly refined backpack which comes with Tumi’s signature ballistic nylon. It can survive the wear and tear of day-to-day use and the rigors you will encounter will you travel. Plus, its padded backpack straps are also very comfortable.

Anyway, this bag can hold your laptop, tablet as well as a number of clothes that will get you through the weekend. It also features add-a-bag system so you can easily and quickly add this to another travel piece or your luggage case.

5. Tumi Alpha 2 Compact Laptop Brief Pack - Best for Laptop




FXT Ballistic Nylon


7.1 x 12.2 x 15.9 inches


2.25 pounds


Tumi Alpha 2 Compact Laptop Brief Pack is highly recommended to anyone who just can’t leave their laptop at home. It is ideal for business, travel or even just casual use. But what’s even more impressive are its classic features and organization as well as its adventurous styling.

This backpack provides a number of storage, but it will never weigh you down. There is a laptop section you will find as well as tablet section and a removable file folder for days when you have to carry paper works with you to and from the office. But this doesn't end here~ thig bag is complete with card slots, accessory pockets as well as RFID pocket to make sure that your personal information will be kept secure on microchipped identification such as credit cards, and IDs.


Carrying this bag is also very convenient. The shoulders straps are so comfortable since they are padded and can be adjusted to your preference; it gives an excellent backpack option. If you will be traveling with luggage on, you can also slide this backpack on top of your luggage handles; thanks to its add-a-bag sleeve, you back can now relax whenever you need to trek through security and terminals. Last but not the least, TUMI also added leather accented top carry handle that you can grab anytime for quick mobility.

No matter what method you want to carry this bag, you will get to your destination in a breeze and conveniently with its genius design.

Final Thought

For me, backpacks are just heaven sent! It is the best way to bring all the items that you need for every day or whenever you travel. Whether we like it or not, our work will travel with us. So it's good to know that Tumi is producing backpacks that will make commuting and work travel much easier while keeping your look stylish and sleek too.

I hope you enjoyed and learn something new with this Tumi backpack review. You can use this as your shopping guide as to which backpack will suit you best or which one is more appropriate for your lifestyle. How about you? Do you have a favorite backpack from Tumi that I fail to mention on this list? Please let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear ideas from you.

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