The Best Tips When You Are Traveling With Infants

traveling with infants

I know you are now getting anxious with the thought of traveling with infants. I understand that it can really be nerve-wracking!

  • What if my baby starts to get fussy while we’re on board?
  • What if he refuses to sleep in a strange crib?
  • Should I be changing his diaper at a roadside bathroom that might be filled with germs?

These are just probably few of what you are thinking right now. But do you know that babies can also be good travelers? Well, this could only be possible if you come prepared. As long as you will prepare yourself ahead of time, you and your little precious one will be better suited for a successful travel experience.

So in this article, I will help you be the best prepared as you can be! Are you ready? Then please keep on reading below.

Smart Tips For A Smoother Travel With Your Infant

1. Choose a light itinerary. 

Going on a hectic travel plan with chaotic tour schedule is just not favorable for infants. They are still too young and so fragile to be going out every morning for a heavy-loaded sightseeing program, this will only stress them out.

So if you’re going on a seaside vacation, you can try spending your days on the beach and just enjoying the atmosphere, satisfy yourself with the beach food and build some sand castles with your baby. Just let him enjoy and be on his own.

2. If possible, don't take trips that take longer than 6 hours.

Your child is just like you, it will also be unhealthy for them to be sitting in one specific spot for long periods of time. So if you are on a road trip, make sure to plan for stops along the way where it will be safe for you to walk around a little bit.

Make your homework of plotting out the best spot for a stop like malls or restaurants along the way, so everyone can get out of the car including your baby and you will not get confined to your seating position for hours.

3. Strollers are a must-have!

traveling with infants

No matter how small your baby is, he will feel heavy after a long time of carrying him in your arms. Fortunately, strollers can help you solve these problems. Those lightweight strollers that come with a carrying strap can be easily hauled around.

4. You might want to leave those big gears at home. 

But you might want to leave those big gears at home. There are now already plenty of rental companies in different cities now that will deliver any big-ticket items like a car seat, crib, high chair, stroller and so much more whenever you are. This means you will no longer have to add extra fees just to bring this heavy gear or you don’t have to try out cramming them in your trunk.

There are even car rental companies that offer car seats for rent within just a small everyday fee, so make sure you check them out before you start your trip.

5. Bring enough baby food and formula milk

If you’re breastfeeding your kid, then there should be no problem at all, but if you’re not, then you should be aware that baby food and formula milk varies from one country to another. Once your baby finds a milk he likes, it’s typically the only one they will eat.

So what if your destination doesn't have the brand or product your baby like? This will definitely spell trouble!

6. Dress appropriately

Dress light and simple if possible, take note that you will be juggling enough equipment and luggage. If you're a breastfeeding mom, I suggest you wear a nursing tank with a zip-up activewear jacket; this is just perfect when you need to discretely nurse your little one in the public as you will no longer be yanking your shirt up.

For your baby, make sure that he is also dressed in comfortable clothes so he won’t have any difficulty sleeping.

7. Fight the germs. 

You need to be extra sure that the vaccination of your baby is up-to-date, if possible, you can even ask your pediatrician if she can give your baby a flu shot before your travel. The flu vaccine could serve as a layer of protection to your child, especially if you will be flying.

I know it would be difficult to fully protect your baby from germs when traveling, especially when you are at the airport or terminals. So if this makes you feel better, I suggest you use baby wipes to wipe down armrests, tray table or any potentially germy surface your child will try to touch. Don’t forget to wash your hands as well as your baby’s hands when you have the chance.

8. Know who to call. 

Phonebook the contact details of your child’s healthcare provider just in case you will have some important questions while you’re on your way. If possible, research beforehand for available pediatric clinics in your destination just in case something would go wrong.

Some More Great Tips When Flying With Your Infant

I know the idea of long-haul flight with your little one may not sound comfortable at all, it may be daunting that even a short flight can give new parents the anxiety. But there's no need to delay that dream vacation or put off that visit to your far-away family members.

All you will ever need are these helpful tips to help you fly with a baby like a pro.

1. If there’s an early boarding, go grab it. 

When your airline starts calling for travelers who might need extra time to board, grab it! In this way, you will be able to stash your bags wherever you want to just before the overhead bins start to fill up. You will get to be situated just right before everyone will do.

But if you get to board last, it’s okay at least you’re not stuck in your seat for so long just by waiting for everyone else to get on board.  The lesser time you will be on stationary, the better it will be so your child will not get bored with his surroundings.

2. Choose your seating arrangement ahead. 

With your little one in tow, it would help if you try to get good seats. While booking for a flight, choose an aisle seat since this will allow you to move around easily without distressing other passengers. The bulkhead seat is also a good choice since they give extra leg space.

3. Don’t forget to take care of those popping ears

traveling with infants

One the cabin pressure changes, it can be bothersome to those little ears. However, no matter what you will say, your baby will never understand when you ask them to pop their ears; they will not yawn or swallow for it, worse they will keep on crying. So it would be our responsibility to help them alleviate the pressure!

You can give them empty sippy cup or a pacifier they can suck on during landing and takeoff. This will just be the same as yawning and keep your child out in the world of discomfort. It would also be a great idea to nurse or bottle-feed your baby during this time. This will force him to swallow and will help keep his ears open, this really worked like a charm to me.

4. Deal with the crying

Your baby will cry because that’s basically what they do and people will eventually get annoyed. Unfortunately, these are just some of the facts of flying with an infant. All you have to do is at least moderate the tension! So make sure you keep yourself calm and quietly attempt to pacify your baby.

If possible, don't be pacing up and down around the aisle while you are patting your baby's back. Don't make unnecessary noise by non-stop cooing. Just do your best in entertaining your child with his favorite toys or movie on your tablet. If people start to complain, just sincerely apologize to anyone disrupted.

The Essential Packing Checklist for Your Baby

Well, your little one requires a surprising amount of essentials, so I’ve listed down below a checklist to help you remember all the important things to make traveling much easier.

1. Your baby’s passport. 

I know it sounds a bit silly to be getting official documents for someone who's not even capable of crawling yet, but a passport is one of the requirements if you will be flying with your infant or even cruising overseas so don't forget to bring this.

2. Don’t forget to bring some entertainment. 

Whether you are traveling by boat, train or plane, your baby will always somewhat find himself bored. So make sure you have a bag full of tricks! Stock your bag with small toys, colorings books, stickers, and magnets. Play with your little one and keep them entertained. But don’t pull out all the items at once or allow him to rummage the bag, just show you tricks one at a time and allow him to play until he will be ready to move on with his next distraction.

And also, don’t bring toys that make or squeak loud noise, just leave them at home; I’m sure your fellow travelers will be glad that you did.

3. Things you should bring in your carry-on.

Anyway, here’s what you will need to pack in your carry-on when you are flying with your baby

  • Diapers. Bring one for each hour you will be in transit then bring some extras just in case there will be delays.
  • Wipes. This is very important during diaper changes or any messes your child will make
  • Plastic bags. Where you can place any wet or dirty clothes as well as soiled diapers
  • Changing clothes. Bring at least two extra
  • Breast milk or formula milk. Don’t worry these are both exempted from the 3-ounce limit of TSA
  • Jarred or canned baby food
  • Diaper Cream
  • Burp Cloths
  • Nursing cover
  • Blanket
  • First aid kit. Don’t forget to include baby pain reliever or other supplies that will treat minor injury

*Tips when packing!

  1. Start preparing as early as possible, you can put all the items out on your table so you can always run through what is still missing
  2. Pack toiletries and medicines in a resealable plastic bag to prevent any leaks
  3. A diaper bag that has a waterproof lining is the best that you could use; opt for one with shoulders straps too.
  4. Leaky diapers and baby spitting-up is something you can never prevent to happen so it's better to be prepared. Bring extra outfit for you and your baby into your carry-on bag.
  5. I suggest you store each of your baby’s outfit on its own zipped plastic bag, in this way you will no longer need to be hunting around for those small shirts, socks, etc.

Remembering the things you need to bring during your travel can be absolutely stressful. That’s why it is very important to make a checklist! You can even tape this on the back of the door or anywhere that’s visible if you want, so you will have something to always look at for review.

Final Thought

Traveling with infants will never be smooth sailing! They are the most unpredictable creatures, you will never know when they will get crying spells, gassy bellies or diaper blowout. I know these can make you feel agitated and frustrated.

But making sure that you are prepared for any possibilities can help you feel more confident. Anyway, do you have other tips you suggest when traveling with babies? Let me and your fellow readers know by leaving it in the comment section below. I'm sure it would be very helpful!

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