Top 9 Safe And Fun Tips When Taking Baby To The Beach

The summer season will never be complete without a trip to the beach, but now that you already have a baby, I know you’re wondering if this could still be possible? Can you still take a trip to the beach?

Of course, but you have to take note that taking baby to the beach is no small task! It is definitely not easy to just pick up everything and go as it was the days before the kids. But bringing this little bundle of joy with you at the beach would absolutely be just as fun, it just takes a bit of preparation.

To make things easier for you, I will be sharing with you tips that I have found to be effective every time I am bringing my little one with me to the beach.


So if you’re excited to see your baby dipping her toes in the sand very soon, then please keep on reading below!

Tips for a Fun Beach Trip With Your Baby

1. You have to be flexible

First and foremost, you need to adjust your expectations on the words “beach days”, we will never know how it will turn out; it can possibly be “beach hour” or worse, “beach five minutes”. Whatever it will be, you need to be prepared and know that spending the entire day in the beach will probably be all about chasing your baby, feeding or rocking her more than you will be able to do sunbathing.

Those days where you will just be reading your favorite gadget magazine or photography books followed by a relaxing sleep are long gone now that you’re taking baby to the beach. And this is totally okay, accepting this will help you avoid any frustration. Your visit to the beach will now be very different, but just as enjoyable.

2. Keep them protected from the sun

Well, when it comes to protecting our babies from the harmful rays of the sun, you can never go overboard. Spending a long day at the beach can be a lot to your baby’s sensitive skin.


So here are some tips on how you can keep your baby protected under the sun while you're on the beach.

  • Find shelter. The skin of your baby is a lot more sensitive compared to ours so it should not be exposed to the sun for long periods. In fact, American Academy of Paediatrics says that children below six months should avoid direct sunlight exposure.

So if you are planning to spend the entire day at the beach, make sure to look for a shelter or at least bring one. There are a lot of resorts as well as private beaches that offers cabanas, umbrellas and lounge chairs for rent.

  • Wear a sunhat. Let your baby wear those floppy sunhats to keep the sun off the most sensitive skin areas of her body including the ears, lips, and eyes. The bigger that hat is, the better it will be. It would also be great if the hat comes with a strap to make sure that it will not be blown away by the wind.
  • Bring plenty of sunscreens. If you now have older kids, then you probably still recall the rule of waiting for the child to age at least 6 months old before you apply sunscreen. Well, according to American Academy of Paediatrics this rule no longer applies. 

It is now highly recommended that children below 6 months should use and apply sunscreen on any exposed area of the skin. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before getting exposed to the sun and re-apply every one to two hours. Just make sure that you are using a sunscreen that is safe for your baby.

  • Avoid the peak hours. The warmth of the sun during noontime can be too much for your little one. American Academy of Paediatrics said that it would be a good idea to just stay inside when the sun exposure is at its peak intensity, usually during the hours from 10 am to 4 pm.

3. Keep them hydrated

Although babies below 6 months should not be drinking water, while babies 6 to 11 months should drink modest amounts. You can keep your baby hydrated by nursing her more frequently or by giving her extra formula.

Just make it a goal to increase the baby’s hydration by at least 50% when you’re on the beach. The simplest way to keep every member of the family hydrated during hot days at the beach is by bringing along with you sports bottles of water. If you find it bulky to be bringing a cooler, just freeze a couple of these bottles and bring them with you in your bag.


Keep on the watch to with the potential signs of dehydration in babies, these could be dark yellow urine, dry mouth, and listlessness. If you notice your baby showing these sings, then it might be best if you bring her back inside.

4. Choose your baby’s outfit wisely

Those long-sleeved tops made from lightweight fabric are highly recommended as they provide an extra layer of protection from the sun. Bring a number of swimwear too, babies like to keep getting in and out of the water a lot of times, but they hate it when they’re wearing wet swimming gear.

Jelly shoes or beach shoes are useful for the toddlers too and these will protect your little munchkin’s feet from the heat of the sand including any sharp rocks or stones every time she gets into the water.

5. Keep her cool. 

Overheating is a real risk for little ones, but you can easily avoid it as long as you are careful enough. Monitory your baby for any signs of overheating such as parched lips, fatigued, flushed skin or dry, increased fussiness and increasing temperature.

If you are concerned about heat stroke, look for a shade and contact your doctor straight away.

6. Make things entertaining

There’s that big ocean out there, isn’t that entertaining enough? Well, it is! But do you really want to be chasing your child up and down the beach, worrying about that strong tide and big waves?


So I suggest you bring with a blow-up or a plastic pool to the beach, put it under your beach umbrella, fill it in with sea water and then throw in a number of shells and water toys, you now all set! You can now have the time of your own to relax as your baby is crawling in and out of the pool, makes some splashes and enjoys playing in the sand.


The bonus is that your baby is protected from the sun under the umbrella, so I can really say that setting this thing up is just worth it. If your baby ages 6 months or below, I suggest you consider carrying a portable beach crib that comes with a sunshade. I like this model since it does not only provide sun protection but as well as good ventilation to keep your baby cool.

7. Bring a lot of beach toys

Don’t forget to bring as many beach toys as possible for your little one to play with. The more toys you have with you, the longer you can keep your baby entertained without having to be running around, doing their trick like going directly for the sea or eating the sand.

8. Set up for naptime

Babies often get to sleep really well at the beach, thanks to the soothing and peaceful sound of the ocean waves. Depending on what time you will be going to the beach, there may be a need to put your baby down for a nap. Just make sure you will set up something so your baby could get a beautiful nap like putting up a shade or heading to a shady spot.


Nap time is really important to avoid a grumpy baby throwing tantrums in the middle of a hundred of people trying to relax.

9. Head to the beach during off-hours

If you will be going to the beach before 10 am or after 2 pm, you will be able to skip the day's most powerful and harmful sun rays. The bonus is that you might have the chance to get the beach to yourselves; it’s the best way to avoid big crowds.


And of course, early morning or late evening beach trips are sure to give you the most gorgeous and stunning photographs.

Final Thought

Isn’t it comforting to know that there’s really nothing to worry about when taking baby to the beach? With just a little preparation, you can still get to enjoy the entire day at the beach and make new memories with your new little member of the family.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the tips I shared with you. If you have any more questions or suggestions about this topic, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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