Shady Rays Sunglasses Review: Don’t Buy Until You Read These Facts

Shady Rays Sunglasses Review

You must have learned about a lot of sunglasses and probably wear one. But the fact is that some of us have a problem with sunglasses when it comes to selecting the perfect one for us. Probably because of the annoying posts about the sunglasses. You are not alone; I was in your shoe sometimes ago. Have you heard of Shady Rays Glasses? I made intensive and extensive research about the different sunglasses I can go for, and I came across Shady Rays Sunglasses. I reached out to them and tried them out myself.

What I found out is that Shady Rays has a pair of sunglasses for you whether you are someone who goes bold or a classic aviator individual when it comes to lenses. Look no further for proof as I provide you with some helpful information about the brand. Also, I am going to show you some of the best sunglasses in this Shady Rays Sunglasses Review. Read on!

Why Should You Choose Shady Rays Sunglasses?

There are reasons for every action. It is important to know the reasons why you should choose sunglasses by Shady Rays.

1. Polarized lenses

Whether it is bright days, outdoor activities on the water, or driving you need polarized lenses to cut glares. This pair of eyewear can fill the vacuum. Shady Rays feature polarized lenses on all but two pairs of eyewear in their product lineup.

2. Warranty policy

Most manufacturers only offer a backup warranty against manufacturer defects. But things are different with Shady Rays. They would correct and replace any defect on your glasses and won’t stop at that. The brand would also replace any of their glasses without you paying a fee. It means whether you break them in the way or you lose them while surfing on the water a free replacement is guaranteed. No matter what happens, you would not have to worry about the cost of replacement.

3. Competitive price point

Shady Rays sunglass is a steal. Are you wondering why I said that? Most high-end sunglasses offer their product at a high price because of the quality they provide. Sunglasses by Shady Rays also offer high-quality eyewear, but the prices of their products are lower. High-quality sunglasses with low price or one with a high price, which does you prefer? I believe we all love to save money.

4. The construction

The built of the Shady rays sunglasses is great. It is sturdy, durable, and stylish. Even though it has a replacement warranty, it is not to cover-up for its weakness. The eyewear can survive whatever nature brings. The lenses are polarized and constructed to reduce glare for a clearer vision.

5. Social responsibility

Do you know you can end someone’s hunger by purchasing the Shady rays sunglasses? The brand offer support to many companies that are socially responsible instead of chasing profits. Shady Rays donates eleven meals to the charity Feeding America for every order you place.     


Now that you have the reasons why Shady Rays can quench your sunglasses thirst let’s take a look at the best six Shady Rays sunglasses.

Top 6 Shady Rays Sunglasses - What Are Your Top Options?

100 percent ultraviolet protection 

Shatter resistant 

Medium to large fit

Durable frame

Lenses are polarized

Suitable for men and women

Standard and affordable sunglasses that come with applicability and quality are not common. Classic Series Polarized Sunglasses is one of the eyewear affordable, standard and quality glasses by Shady Rays. It features colored lenses that are available in multiple varieties. The different available tints give optimal visibility when looking through it. The composite lenses are polarized and resistant to shatter. I love this feature because you don’t have to worry about your glasses getting damaged easily if it drops on any surface. Additionally, the lenses offer 100 percent UV protection. This feature helps to block out 100 percent of ultraviolet rays.

Another interesting feature of the Classic Series Polarized Sunglasses is its frame. The Matte frame is designed with wood. The polycarbonate frame is flexible, lightweight and durable. It is built to withstand ground impact. The frame also has reinforced metal hinges for strong shape hold and maximum flexibility. The size specs make the sunglasses fit users, most especially medium to large head sizes.


  • It provides premium polarized lenses that can fit perfectly into your active lifestyle
  • Durable, high-quality frame with a lightweight and great flexibility which bends to the shape of your face easily
  • It survives anything life throw at you both indoor and outdoor
  • Functional sunglasses with great price
  • It ensures you worry less about the ground impact


  • Some users complain about the quality even though it is worth the price
Shady Rays Sunglasses Review

Sturdy frame

100% UV protection

Shatter resistant

Polarized lenses

Fit medium to large head size

If you are looking for a solid mix of performance and good looking style, Signature Series Polarized Sunglasses might be a perfect choice. The product features a mirror lens that could stand up in every condition to reduce glare and increase clarity. With the shatter-resistant polarized lenses, you can easily transit seamlessly from life on the water to City Street. Additionally, the lenses come in different colors and are 100% resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Another amazing feature of the Signature Series Polarized Sunglasses is its durable matte black and clear gloss frame having metal hinges. The construction of the hinges ensures the frame conforms to the shape of your face and also gives ultimate flexibility. The frame is high-quality, and it is forged with polycarbonate.

This great feature makes the product survive the ground impact. Whether you want to use it for sport or adventure, you can do so with no worries. Also, the sunglasses have Salt water-proof which ensures that the frame and lenses are not damaged by water for those who are frequently on water.  


  • It is durable and lightweight
  • Stylish, beautiful, comfortable and has a great price
  • Construction quality is excellent
  • Lenses are great and super sharp
  • The frames fit snug


  • From my survey, some users complained that the lenses were discoloring after some months of use
Shady Rays Sunglasses Review

Perfect for men and women

Sports frame: Double wrap-around

Shatter resistance

100% protection against UV

Polarized lenses

Fit: medium to large

The X Series Polarized Sports Sunglasses offers quality and functionality without breaking the banks. There are many color combinations you can choose from, and it offers a different lens which allows you to pick the one that best fits your favorite activity.

The product features polarized lenses that are saltwater-proof, shatter resistance, and offer 100 percent ultraviolet rays protection. If you are an angler or love fishing and your passion leads you to the water on a really bright and sunny day, you would love the polarized lens. It sheds water, reduce glare and improve your view below the surface. Additionally, the lenses offer a visual light transmittance of 8%.

The lens is not only the point of interest, but the frame is also impressive. It has matte black polycarbonate frame that is flexible and lightweight. The frame is wide and grips well while wrapping around your face. It is adaptable to ground impact, so it maintains its original shape and remains strong even after falling off. This feature makes it perfect for all your high speeds, sports, and adventures. Also, the construction of the nose and temple makes it comfortable for all-day wear. They have a strong grip at the end of the temples.


  • Durable and lightweight making it great for high-impact and high-speed activities such as running, water sport, and hiking and climbing
  • It offers a wide peripheral vision for the brightest view both at long range and into water
  • Flexible, good looking durable frame that bends to your face structure easily
  • The quality of this product makes it hard to beat the price


  • Some users complained that the construction felt fairly cheap

Polarized lenses

Saltwater proof and shatter resistant

Durable dual brushed polycarbonate and metal frame

Perfect for women

Fit: small to medium

100 percent UV protection

When it comes to women’s sunglasses market gold tones and round frames are very much the current style. The Shady Rays Polarized Sunglasses for Women thick both of those boxes. Just like every other glasses from shady rays glasses, this product features premium polarized lenses that are resistant to shatter, gives you 100% protection against ultraviolet rays, and are also resistant to salt water.

With the UV protection, your eyes would be protected, and you would have a clear vision on the brightest sunny days. The lenses are built to have a round retro style that offers you with durability combined with high fashion. Multiple varieties of colored lenses are available. This gives you the opportunity to select the one that fits your daily lifestyle.

Additionally, the Polarized Sunglasses for Women features a brushed polycarbonate/metal frame that is stylish, lightweight and perfect for any occasion. The frame has a round shape, and it combines gold treatment with stunning accents to create a high-end style for women.

The polycarbonate frame and high-quality dual frame metal having hinges reinforced with metal offer strong shape hold and maximum flexibility. Likewise, the product has smooth, gold-tinted nose pads that would not leave an imprint on your face while adding extra comfort.


  • It is versatile and comfortable
  • The glasses can withstand drops and grabs by kids
  • Lightweight, durable and stylish making it perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Pretty good sunglasses for the price


  • From my survey, some users complained about the fit
Shady Rays Sunglasses Review


Scratch and shatter resistance

Ultra-premium TAC polarized lenses

Fit men and women

Small to medium fit (55mm lens width)

Medium to large fit (60mm lens width)

100 percent UVA/UVB protection

When you place the Aviator Elite Polarized Metal Sunglasses Blackout on your face, it stands out in the best way possible. The product is a TAC polarized aviator eyewear that features ultra-premium polarized black lenses. I love this feature because it offers 100 percent protection against ultraviolet rays to help reduce eye fatigue and long-term sun damage. Furthermore, the Aviator Elite is available in two lens width. There are small to medium size (55mm) and medium to large size (60mm).

Another impressive feature that the plastic lenses have is an anti-reflective coating, resistance to shatter and scratch resistance. These make the sunglasses serve its purpose for a long time. The anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates reflections from the back and front surface of your eyewear lenses. It helps to reduce eye strain, improves vision and makes the product look more attractive.        

Additionally, the aviator style eyewear boosts sleek metal frame having matte-black color. The durable frame is reinforced with metal hinges which helps to provide maximum flexibility when wearing it. Also, the frame displays an optimum weight balanced style and a classic look.


  • Available in multiple varieties of colored lenses
  • Offers you with feel great look great style
  • Great for all outdoor activities and sports
  • Easy, safe, and comfortable to wear in the brightest sun
  • Really good price and high-quality
  • Fits all head size virtually


  • Despite the small to medium fit available, some users complained that the sunglasses do not fit well.
Shady Rays Sunglasses Review

Lenses: Ultra-premium polarized

Resistance to shatter

Coating: salt-water proof and anti-reflective

100 percent ultraviolet protection

Durable Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame

Suitability: men and women

Fit: medium to large (54mm)

Hinges: reinforced metals

If you want polarized sunglasses that is worth the price and wouldn’t fail you in its duties, you can’t go wrong with Ventura LIMITED Sunglasses by Shady Rays. The product has ultra-premium mirrored lenses that are polarized and also provide 100% UV protection to alleviate sun damage to the eye. Other attributes of the lenses are the salt-water proof, anti-reflective and shatter resistant that ensure the product survive ground impacts.

Added to its amazing features is an ultra-durable Mazzucchelli acetate frame which boosts a classic style. The frame is reinforced with metal hinges. I love this feature because it offers a strong shape hold and ensures ultimate flexibility. The sleek dark Havana tortoise frame is made for high visibility, comfortable feel, and substantial durability.


  • Alleviates eye fatigue and damage that can occur from long-term sun
  • Most exclusive style and highest quality to date
  • Great for all sports and activities that are done outdoor because they block the sun nicely
  • Durable, comfortable and offers high visibility


  • From my survey, the only complaint of some users is about the fit. But you can still find your fit.

Final Thought

Standard and affordable sunglasses that come with applicability and quality are not common. But the Shady Rays Sunglasses reviews above have shown how impressive Shady Rays can be when it comes to their eyewear. They combine affordability with standard, quality, and applicability. Whether you are running, jogging, boating, surfing, and participating in some other outdoor activities, you can’t go wrong by choosing from the different sunglasses mentioned in this article.

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Even though Shady Rays eyewear are functional and high-quality, there is one that steals the show in this review. It is the Aviator Elite Polarized Metal Sunglasses Blackout. The impressive features such as the two lens width available, Ultra-premium TAC polarized lenses and different protective coatings from anti-reflective to scatter and scratch resistant makes it unique.


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