Samsonite Flylite Dlx Review | 20″ & 28″ Hardside Luggage Set

You might agree with me that picking the perfect luggage that fits your travel needs can be overwhelming. There is no denying the fact that there are different options available on the market, but which one can you point to be the best? One of the luggage brands that are well-respected and known is Samsonite. The brand has been setting standards in the travel and luggage industry for many years. Out of the broad spectrum of Samsonite luggage, I am going to review Samsonite Flylite DLX.

In this review, I will discuss the features and benefits, build and construction, pros and cons, and other useful information that can help you make an informed purchasing decision. Follow through and pay attention to every detail in this Samsonite Flylite DLX review!



20" (Carry-on) & 28" (Check-in)


24 pounds


Blue, Teal


100% Polycarbonate Hardside


4 Spinner Wheel For Zero Effort


Rubber Cushioned Lift
Push-Button Locking Handle with Lightweight Corrugated Aluminum Tubes




Careful Look and Examination of the Samsonite Flylite DLX

Imagine taking an easy walk through crowds of hustling and bustling people and feeling stress-free and completely at ease when gliding through the airport.

You will look like a professional traveler when walking to the check-in desk because the build, construction, features, and design of the Flylite DLX are unique.

Build and Construction 

samsonite flylite dlx review

The luggage is made from 100 percent polycarbonate. This material that the product is constructed with provides it with a high degree of impact resistance and hardness which makes it highly durable.

The construction also makes it highly resistant to temperature and provides it with some nice properties that are self-extinguishing. Also, the material makes the luggage lightweight and able to take a beating while traveling.

It means the luggage can dent and bend and still flex back its original shape. 

The construction makes it have the highest level of strength and almost impossible to break. The build and construction make it perfect for frequent travelers.

Due to the polycarbonate which offers more style choices, the product is built to have a stylish metallic color finish and edgy geometric embossed design on the cover. This design ensures an increase in safety and security. 

Additionally, the carry on (small luggage) is built to have the Packing capacity of 20″H x 14″W x 9.5″D, the overall dimension of 22.5″H x 15.75″W x 9.5″D, and weight of 7.4 lbs.

On the other hand, the check-in (large luggage) has the Packing capacity of 26.5″H x 19″W x 11.75″D, the overall dimension of 29″H x 20″W x 11.75″D, and weight of 11.8 lbs.

Features and Their Benefits 

Flylite DLX is one of the set of luggage from Samsonite that boasts some incredible features and these are:

samsonite flylite dlx review
  • Rubberized dual spinner wheels – the Samsonite Flylite DLX luggage set comes with four spinner wheel which offers a swivel motion of 360-degree range. This feature ensures you have a smooth glide and makes it easy for you to handle and control the luggage. With the four spinner wheel, the product is a dream through the airport because they make the luggage easier to manage and manoeuver. Also, it offers the Fylite DLX a better balance and little to no effort to the wheel.
  • Wheel Handle with a lightweight corrugated aluminum tube and push-button lock – the product features at three-stage pull handle that can be adjusted and extended to achieve perfect handling and comfort in the hand. The aluminum material the tube is built with ensures that the handle does not break or bend easily while pulling your loaded luggage.
  • Lift handles cushioned with rubber there are two handles included in the Samsonite Flylite DLX luggage. One is at the top while the second handle is at the side. Each of the handles is lined with rubber to make it ergonomic. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about cramp and strain injuries because the rubber minimizes the risk of getting your hand injured. Also, the handles are expandable to make it easy for you to carry the luggage without having shock or strain in your wrist.
  • Integrated 3-digit TSA combination lock – This feature is located on the side of the Samsonite Flylite DLX luggage to keep your belongings safe while traveling. It allows you to use a three-digit code to lock the luggage and unlike a separate lock on other bags, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your key or lock at home. 
  • Organized interior and packing divider – the interior of the Samsonite Flylite DLX offers more space than you can think. The interior comes with an adjustable, dividing strap that ensures your arranged clothes for traveling are safe and not disorganized during transportation. Also, the top compartment has a divider pad while the bottom compartment has a divider pad and ribbons. With different compartments with zippers included you can keep your items such as utensils, documents, and shoes safe and organized without one displacing the other. 
  • Self-healing double zippers – The luggage comes with two zippers that work in both directions. It means you won’t have to give yourself a headache if one break or damage. You can make use of the second zipper to close the luggage.


  • It is expandable, and this gives users the opportunity to pack extra items while traveling easily 
  • The wheel handle and wheels make it easy to move from one destination to another destination. It allows users to move around in style 
  • Highly durable and survives the toughest of transportation conditions due to the 100% polycarbonate construction
  • Perfect for keeping your items safe while traveling because of the TSA integrated lock 
  • The Samsonite Flylite DLX luggage provides a stealthy design that is eye-catching and super modern making it different from other luggage on the market.
  • Its compartments keep clothes and other items secured and well-arranged 


  • There are always two sides to a coin, and the same applies to the Samsonite Flylite DLX. Despite all the advantages and benefits, this product has a drawback; it is a little on the expensive side. After an intensive and extensive research, I found that the only complaint of buyers is that the price is way too high compared to other brands. But in my opinion, it is really a case of getting what you paid for. 

Why Is Samsonite An Important Luggage Brand To Consider? 

samsonite flylite dlx review

Their warranty - Unlike other companies, Samsonite lives up to their warranty promise. From the general feedbacks of many of their customers, their warranty service is outstanding. 

Their Customer service – Lots of customers confirmed that their customer service is efficient, prompt and incredibly friendly. Even though the efficiency of a brand’s customer service is something people often overlook, it is one of the factors you need to consider when going for a brand.

The Standard – When it comes to building quality, materials, functionality, and styling Samsonite set the pace and it is incomparable against versions from competitors. Users trust them, and I think it is worth it.

Final Thought

There are constant innovation and development of new methods and materials for the construction of most durable, lightest, and highly functional luggage by Samsonite.

With the Samsonite Flylite DLX review, I believe you would be able to figure out if the luggage works for your trip. However, you should consider this product if you want something that stands out. 

Do you own a Samsonite Flylite DLX? What do you think?

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