Going to Mexico With Kids? Here are the Best Tips and Beautiful Destinations

For some fun-filled family vacations that your kids will truly cherish, Mexico can be one of your best choices. Without a doubt, each of your family members will enjoy the beautiful beaches, the warm temperature and of course, the incomparable culture.

But there are so many tourist destinations all over the country, that it might become challenging to decide where to spend your precious vacation time in Mexico with kids. So to make things easier for you, I have listed down below some of the most kid-friendly destinations, together with my personally hand-picked activities that you can try.

Things To Avoid When Traveling To Mexico With Kids

Just like every other foreign country, you might want to take some precautions when you’re traveling to make sure that your trip is going to be fun, memorable and safe. So make the most out of your Mexico vacation with these following tips on what not to do.

1. Do not drink tap water

​​​​​​​​A lot of us already know that tap water in Mexico can possibly give any regular American a pretty bad tummy-ache. So with that in mind, you have to always make sure your kids fully understand of drinking tap water and to only be drinking bottled water during the vacation. I actually even provided by each of my kids their own water bottle that they can carry anywhere.

2. Should you buy street food from vendors?

I'm sure some of your friends will warn you to avoid street vendors in Mexico if you don't want to get sick. Well, this might be true, your stomach might get upset from eating foods being sold by some vendors if you are used to the American diet. But of course, we don't want to be missing out on a big part of what can make our entire travel fun.

So I suggest you try out some local food, but you have to be a little picky when it comes to what and where to eat. I and my wife were always on the look for vendors that attract more travelers. Well, there are actually plenty of delicious and safe food choices made from ingredients that are fresh and locally sourced; a luxury that we don't get to commonly experience in several cities in the United States.

3. Stopping your kids from living through the local culture

I think this is going to be the biggest mistake you would make when you're on a vacation in Mexico as a family. Keeping your family cooped at your resort and not being able to truly experience the country is something you can't afford to miss. So I highly suggest that you venture into some of the local neighborhoods and make sure to get a taste of the lively and exciting culture first-hand.

You and your family will totally enjoy experiencing live music, tasty food, vibrant handmade clothes and crafts and most of all, the friendly people who will be greeting your kids with smiling faces. But the most important of all, make sure that you will see some of the most famous places of interest in Mexico.

Where Should You and Your Kids Go in Mexico?

1. Mexico City

Of course, there’s no better place where you can discover what Mexico is all about and at the same time have fun doing it by visiting the heart of Mexico.

You can visit Chapultepec Park, this park alone could keep you and your kids fully occupied for days. You can find large zoo here where you can rowboat, pony rides and rent bicycles. You can also visit some amusement and water parks or see some weekend concerts and free performances of ballets, Aztec pole dancers or costumed acrobats in this place. The museum of the Child or the El Museo del Niño is also a great place where kids can learn by playing like laying on a bed of nails or create their own radio program.

There’s also the El Zócalo which is definitely the heart of Mexico City ever since Aztec times as it was the main ceremonial center of the capital Tenochtitlan. This area has already witnessed royal proclamations, independence ceremonies, military parades and so much more. One of the best ways to visit the Zocalo and the Centro is on the Turibus which makes an endless circuit to the city’s most popular attractions. You can also hop on and off wherever you want to.

2. Cancún

If you want to spend some time at an all-inclusive resort but at the same time get out and explore, Cancún is absolutely the best choice. Though this area is the most popular destination for college kids, it is also quite popular for families as the exemplary Caribbean beaches in this resort are abundant with great opportunities for your kids to learn kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and sailing. If you want some thrills, your family can try parasailing or be riding a jet ski or even take a boat that comes with glass-bottom so you can see the underwater world.

My highly recommended kid-friendly all-inclusive resorts are the Hyatt Ziva Cancun which offers a mini waterpark right-sized for children that ages 4 to 12 plus there's piñata party every Friday night which is a big hit and the Grand at Moon Palace which has an indoor-outdoor Playroom with themed play areas, a kids only waterpark and splash zone as well as a mini soccer field.

But the thing that I and my kids enjoyed the most in Cancún are the turtle rescue programs provided a lot of beachfront hotels during nesting seasons. In fact, your kids can adopt their own young turtle.  

Other places that you should see in Cancún is the Parque Nizuc that is located at the island’s south end which contains some dolphin swim program and the Wet ‘N Wild water park and so much more. There’s also Las Islas, the latest shopping center in Hotel Zone where you will see a lot of restaurants and shops including boat rides over the manmade canals as well as the Interactive Aquarium.

3. Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is very similar to Cancun and is also less than an hour away by bus or car from each other. This place is a world of wonder.  What I like here is that the resorts are not as close to each other as they are in Cancún and the area is not nearly as commercialized. Overall, the area maintains a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a good place for you and your family to enjoy an authentic experience here.

A good way to start your tour in this area is at Puerto Morelos located in the northern part of Riviera Maya which I must say offers a good experience when visiting Mexico with kids. For instance Croco Cun, a preserve create for native species allows you to nurse spider monkeys, hold young crocodiles and even boas around their neck. There’s also Puerto Aventuras which is a Dolphin Discovery’s top-notch which has manatees and dolphins you can swim with.

Your kids will also be very glad to visit Xcaret, which is the biggest and is one of the most well-known among the several famous eco-parks found in the area. You can walk through a bat cave in Xcaret, see some sea turtles, flamingos, jaguars, and toucans.

I also enjoyed our visit to the Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park where the entire family can float, snorkel or dive (just as long as you’re qualified) in the icy, crystalline waters of sinkholes molded by underground rivers or just at least take a peek of them from above on a skycycle.

4. Los Cabos

This is me and my family's another favorite destination in Mexico and I'm sure you will love it here! There's a beautiful contrast between the mountains, desert, and sea, along with hip nightlife culture; you will be able to find several top-notch restaurants here. I must say this is the best place if you have teenagers in tow with you.

However, this place doesn’t have clear water in most areas and the sand is also coarse so get ready to comfort a toddler who can’t build sandcastles from it; but don’t worry, kids will totally enjoy snorkeling, swimming under and boating to the Los Arcos, the popular rock where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortes.

Final Thought

Visiting Mexico with kids is definitely one of the family vacations you should experience. I’m sure when you get home you will be glad and appreciate how the Mexicans admire children and shower them with special attention. Plus the unlimited activities you can do can totally put a spin on vacation fun for kids.

So why don’t you start learning with your family a few basic phrases in Spanish?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my article today. How about you? Have you been to Mexico before? What has been your favorite place and activity? Share with me your experience by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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