What is a Messenger Bag? How To Wear According To Your Style?


Although some men think it is not manly enough to be carrying a bag that they often prefer to stuff their pockets on all sides, many have realized that carrying messenger bag was essential enough to avoid any possible horrible effect of putting things on the pocket or to avoid damaging their clothes.

If you currently own a messenger bag, then I’m sure you are wondering by now how to wear this kind of bag or if you are wearing it the right way.

Well, of course, you can wear your bags however you please. But just because you can wear your messenger in a low sling, while flapping around hitting everything around you, doesn’t mean you should. So in this article, I will show you how you can wear this bag according to your own style.

What is a Messenger Bag?


A messenger bag is also called a courier bag. In the beginning, the bag has been used in carrying postal messages since it works great in carrying bulky things while keeping your hands free as you do it. It makes sure you will be comfortable carrying heavy or bulky items while giving you easy access to its content.

It comes with a long strap to be worn across the body or to be used as a shoulder bag. Messenger bags are designed in a wide range of materials; common materials used are leather, plastic variants, and canvas.

How To Wear A Messenger Bag According To Your Style

The messenger bag has been designed for biker couriers and messengers. But today, it has become a fashion accessory for daily life, especially for the men’s fashion. But judging from the people I bump around the city, there seems to be a little confusion out there how to properly wear a messenger bag.

Below are some suggestions on how you can wear a messenger bag according to different styles.

1. Proper Way to Wear a Messenger Bag

The rule of the thumb when wearing your messenger bag is to pull the strap tight to your body. This will keep the bag from flailing around and will allow you easy access to the contents inside. 

If you are wearing it across your body, you can pull the bag to the back and be carried like a backpack. This is ideal whenever you are riding a motorcycle or a bike as it will less likely to obstruct with your ride.

How tight you will put it will depend on the bag’s design as well as how much weight you are carrying.

2. How to wear it when you are office smart?

To help you with your career, it is very important to keep an image that displays professionalism. From your suit to the shoes on your feet, you should pay attention to maintaining a professional image. And how to carry your messenger bag is no exception.


Hand-carrying your messenger bag is is the most classic and elegant way to carry your messenger bag. It will give you the most charming look as your arm extends along your body. You can put the bag down in your elbow from time to time, but it may be uncomfortable and it may also ruin your clothes.

Your messenger bag can be the perfect and fashionable alternative to your boring laptop bag at work or for your business meetings. Opt for a messenger bag with dark, natural leather; this will add elegance to your overall look; match it with your leather goods like a belt, watch or shoes.

3. How to wear it when you are urban cool?

For an urban cool look, opt for sporty design and one that comes with neutral colors or simple patterning. Your bag should not have outer pockets or unnecessary trimmings. Pair it with your favorite sneakers and a hoodie.

You can carry it vertical, slung back on one shoulder.

4. How to wear it for a sporty look?


There are a lot of messenger bags that are made out of a more casual material that can match with your sports attire. It can even be a stylish alternative of your usual gym bag and work it like a pro.

If you want a comfortable and useful combination, you should try wearing a messenger bag made from canvas material and pair it with your sports t-shirt. These two types of fabric really go great together and it will not be difficult to carry the bag on your shoulder.

5. How to wear it for a casual look?

A classic messenger bag match with your casual outfit, plaid shirt, denim jacket, awesome pair of aviator glass and your favorite pair of jeans, will definitely look great on the streets. 

A canvas messenger bag with lots of pockets is just perfect if you are out running errands in the city while a leather messenger bag would look amazing when you are going out for a drink with your friends or a sweet date in the park.

This style is even best when you are on a vacation. It will be so much easier to carry your wallet, hotel keys, tickets, brochures, and a lot more miscellaneous objects. Make sure that you match it with a pair of comfy and stylish leather flip flops, loose shirt and denim shorts and without a doubt, you will have fun with the vacation of your dreams.

Final Thought

Messenger bags are definitely heaven sent, it gives you quick and easy access to whatever's inside. Unlike backpack which probably comfortable, particularly for heavier loads and when walking long distances, the ability to take things out quickly is limited. This is where the messenger bag excels.

Plus, the bag suits whatever your style preference is. How about you? Which among this style suit your personality the best. Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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