How to Travel The World On A Budget

I recently ran a poll to few of my avid readers. I asked them what’s the number one thing that holds them back from traveling. Do you what answer made it to the top?


Well, I guess this is a common problem. I often hear a lot of my colleagues saying, “I just don’t have enough money to travel.” So I always remind them that you don’t have to be rich to be able to travel. Yes, I know! A trip around the world can get really pricey, but there a lot of ways to save your cash and make it sure that you’re spending your hard earned money on the right things.

So today, let’s talk about how to travel the world on a budget. Whether you are just looking for a way to make your once a year family holiday a bit more affordable or you are hoping to set out for one year-long retreat, it’s always great to stay on the budget while you’re traveling.

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Tips on How You Can Afford to Travel The World

Tip No. 1: Fund your travel

  • Start saving money now. Well, let’s start with something obvious, you need to determine how long you will be traveling for, spend time researching how much it would be to live and travel to your dream destinations and begin setting pennies aside.

I always use money tracking app whenever I have travel coming up to help me monitor my expenses and make it easier to cut them down.

  • Find work on the road. If you are planning to take on a journey for an extended period of time or probably even indefinitely, you need to find a way to work while you are traveling. Whether we want it or not, we have to accept that your savings will eventually run out.

You can get a seasonable job or try to apply for a short-term work, but the best option available and what I highly recommend is to work remotely as a freelancer. In this way, you will be provided with maximum freedom since you will not be tied down on one location. You are free to work basically anywhere in the world.

House sitting is also on the rise these days. For an annual, onetime fee, sites like Mindmyhouse and HouseCarers allows you to browse listings of various strangers’ house that you can take care of. You will need to send out applications and earn the trust of the owner. Task may include dusting the cabinets, watering the plants, feeding their cute pets and so on, but the free accommodation is totally worth it.

Tip No. 2: Choose your destination wisely

If your budget is a bit tight, then it is important to choose your destination wisely. Of course, seeing the killer whales in the Fjords in Norway has always been on top of the list, but do you know how expensive this country is? Surely, I can’t afford that right now.

Well, it is not a secret that Asia is a fantastic destination, there are boundless things you can do here and the most amazing thing of all, going here is most likely the most inexpensive way to travel the world.

Countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, China and India will definitely give you great value of your money. Central America is also a hidden gem for budget travelers, it has remarkable destinations and it won’t hurt your wallet like El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Tip No. 3: Find the most cost effective accommodation. 

More often, the cost of your accommodation will be your biggest setback, so make sure that you will be choosing from the most cost-effective choices.

  • AirbnbThis is an excellent site to search for a place to stay. Rather than booking yourself a hotel room, you can rent a room or even the entire apartment from a registered host. I must say this is a great opportunity to experience the local life too and at the same time pay lesser.

  • Couchsurfing. This website pairs up travelers with more than 400,000 hosts all over the world who could provide them with either couches, air mattress or even just a floor to crash in. Couchsurfing aims to provide free accommodation for budget travelers.  This is definitely best choice for short-term stays. Just make sure you carefully read the reviews before selecting a host and never overstay your welcome.

  • Try not to pre-book. If you have not discovered what you think might be a great deal for you, well there’s nothing to worry about. Traveling even though you don’t have pre-booked accommodation doesn’t mean shelling out more pennies, in fact you even have the chance to choose from a number of cheaper options which you can’t find online.

Though I only recommend this when you are traveling during low season or when you are not traveling long distance or late at night. Once you arrive at your destination, check out your travel guide and look for an area which provides the best accommodation choices, go directly there and ask about the room prices. If you are in India, you may even have the chance to haggle.

Tip No. 4: Master your flight hacking.

Flight hacking can definitely be handy, so you have to master the art of finding cheap flights.

  • Book flight in advance. This is especially necessary if you intend to travel during the holiday season. You have to remember that cheap flights will sell out quickly.

  • Opt to fly during weekdays. Weekdays and off-season is when the prices are normally the cheapest; except on Fridays when the flights can be expensive due to high demand.

  • Take advantage of price comparison websites. Sites like Expedia or Skyscanner makes it easy to search for flight deals but this doesn’t end here. These price comparison sites will redirect you to a website where you can conveniently book the cheapest flight available, however this often comes with extra charges on top of the regular ticket price. 

So I suggest you take note of the cheapest flight available you got from these comparison sites and head on to the airline website where you can book your flight directly without any unnecessary charges.

  • Don’t forget to clear your cache and cookies. Before you purchase a flight make sure that you clear your browser’s cache and cookies or browse in incognito mode. Travel sites can tract your visit through the information being sent by your browse; the more you open the airline’s site, the more the likely the cost of the flight will rise.

  • Be on the watch with flight sales and deals. There are already a lot of airlines today that offer seasonal price discounts for certain destination. So make sure you are always up to date with every airlines’ latest deals. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to a newsletter.

  • Sign up for a miles programme. If you tend to travel with the same airline all the time, it’s best if you sign up for a mile program so you can ear rewards and collect miles every time you fly.

Tip No. 5: Opt for free activities.

No matter where your destination will be, you will most likely be able to find free things to do and these things are very important if you are searching for the best ways on how to travel the world on a budget.


All it takes is just one Google search: “free things to do in …”, and I’m sure you will be surprised with the number of amazing things you can do to fill your day that cost cheaply or nothing at all. This can be walking around the city, watching the sunset at the park, visiting religious structures, play sports with the locals and so much more.

Tip No. 6: Do as the locals do. 

The restaurants, bars, hostels and several other hotspots you will find on big travel guides are not kept as a secret. They are there to market the tourist. And take note that everything being marketed towards the tourist are to be expected to be marked up, even if they say it is a designated budget spot.


So I suggest you keep away from the main tourist strips and look for the restaurants and cafes where the locals go.

Final Thought

So there you have it! I hope that you will find these tips on how to travel the world on a budget to be useful enough and will allow you travel for relatively little money.

Traveling doesn’t need to cost you a huge amount of money. You don’t need millions to travel! As long as you get out of the box and you are willing to try out different non-traditional ways to travel, this will absolutely lead you to big savings.


So how about you? How do you plan to turn traveling the world from a dream into a reality? Share with me your ideas in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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