Top 6 Best Tips on How To Pack Everything In A Carry On

How To Pack Everything In A Carry On

After many years of traveling, I’ve learned the numerous advantages of bringing a carry-on alone. There’s just something that’s simply freeing about traveling with a carry-on.

First, it helps you avoid any baggage fees, then you won’t have to worry about the airlines losing your luggage and of course, you will be less burdened by heavy bags while walking around a new place. And wouldn’t it be comforting that while other fliers are still waiting for their baggage claim, looking at the belt go round and round, you will just be breezing past them to get on with your day?

Well, this is just some of the reasons why I’m often asked how to pack everything in a carry-on. So in this article, I put together some of the best tips for you to pack light for your next adventure. If you want to know how then please keep on reading below.

Tips on How to Pack a Carry-on With Everything You Need

1. Begin with your essentials

First and foremost, I suggest you begin by writing down every essential you think you will need for your trip. Even if it comes to your outfits, write down what outfits you will need for your trip. For instance, if you will be attending a wedding this weekend, make sure you list down the fancy dress you will be wearing and one outfit for a casual gathering, etc. From there, you can then add extra items until there will no longer be space.

This is great because it will help you not forget the essentials you need to pack and at the same time check how much room left for you for those items that you don’t really need yet hope to have in your trip.

2. Plan your outfits in advance

How To Pack Everything In A Carry On

Planning your outfit could be fun and at the same time helps you realize that you will only need way less than you thought to make enough outfits for your entire trip. What you will just need to do is to pack multipurpose clothing items that you can mix and match or wear on different occasions.

You don’t actually need to bring so many bottoms as long as you opt for neutrals that will match with different tops. Every time you pair your new shirt with your bottom, you will realize you already have a new outfit. Even your button-down floral sundress you can wear in the beach can also serve as unique layering vest if you will wear it open over your tank top and shorts.

For your shoes, I often pack just one pair of sandals and one pair of sneakers. Since sneakers are bulkier, I wear them on the plane so I will no longer need to pack them in my bag. This is how helpful proper planning is so you will realize you don’t need to bring so many clothes and yet still look cute in your photos.

3. Don’t forget that the small things could add up

So you’re probably thinking that there will be no harm in packing some of those small things like your favorite bikini, flats, and sunglass, but you might get surprised how they can actually take up so much space. These small things can absolutely add up so instead, pack only those that come in great pairs.

For instance, you can bring your best pair of sunglasses that will suit the shape of your face and look fantastic no matter what your outfit will be rather than bringing two pairs; this goes the same with your flats and bikini.

4. Be creative with the way you pack


Need to bring some charging cables? You can shove them inside your shoes together with your socks so you can save space. Rolling your clothes will also help you save more room. Don't bring jewelry box anymore for your tiny accessories you’re afraid to lose, take advantage of the extra room inside your sunglass case to store your necklaces and rings.

If you love reading books while waiting in the airport, I suggest you store all your reading materials on your smartphone rather than packing an actual book. You can also save space for toiletries by bringing multipurpose products like shampoo and conditioner in one. You can also check with your hotel what toiletries they will provide so you won't pack these items anymore.

If you have assorted creams that you can’t just leave at home, I suggest you use a couple of cheap contact lens case and store a dollop of whatever you will need in each case. You can use different color or style of a case or just label them with nail polish so you will always be able to distinguish what’s inside.

5. Wear plenty of layers at the airport

I know it looks crazy to be wearing winter jacket while you are at the airport and the sun's shining brightly outside, but if this will lighten your carry on then why not? Plus this will keep you warm and comfortable while you’re on the plane, which is nice. Anything that will consume a so much space in your bag should be part of your airport outfit.

6. Invest with more space

You can lessen your struggle if your bag will also do its job for you whenever you are trying to squeeze in your travel essentials. So I suggest that you invest with a smarter suitcase; this is the key on how to pack everything in a carry-on.


Your suitcase should be equipped with compression straps as it can condense your clothes to free up extra room, making packing and overall travel experience a breeze; there are even bags that can expand up to 25% so you can fit even more items.

Final Thought

It’s absolutely great to know how to pack everything in a carry-on. Travelling light is totally a lot less stressful and gives you a liberating feeling.

How about you? Is there any advice would you like to add when packing for your carry on? Leave your best tips in the comment section below.

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