How Much Is A Trip To Paris? You Need To Know The Answer And Save Up Now

Paris is definitely my most favorite destination in Europe. I like how this city provides so many things like culture, food, fashion and so much more! But I have to warn you, this city can also break your bank really quickly.

After I came back from my Europe spree, my friends kept on asking me how much is a trip to Paris. I know that you are curious too! So in my article today, I will be sharing with how much money I needed to make my dream trip possible. Plus, I will be giving some bonus tips on what I did to save a buck.

Are you ready? Then please keep on reading below.

How Much Does It Cost For Visiting Paris

So to answer the frequently asked question of how much is a trip to Paris, I will be breaking down below the expenses you need to save up to visit the City of Love.

1. Plane Tickets


I choose to go to Paris in the mid of January this is because Mid-January until the month of March tends to be the cheapest time to be flying to Paris. The most expensive ones are during the season of Summer and Fall.

You can choose from First Class, Business Class, and Economy flights. The prices will depend upon your city of departure, how far in advance you purchase your ticket, how many stops you are willing to put up with and of course, what airline are you going to choose. Anyway, I will be listing down below the price range of the round-trip tickets for the flights from the United States.

  • First Class - $2,500 to $9,000
  • Business Class – up to $15,000
  • Economy Flights - $800 to $1,500

Tip! Get ready to be searching the websites of different airlines to score a good deal that will fit your itinerary. You can also play with the travel dates to find the one with the least expensive flight.

2. Hotel Accommodation

Apparently, hotel accommodation can be expensive in this touristy city.  I hate how small most of the budget hotels are and yet they fill junky and still expensive. You will have shell out some cash to really get something nice. Hostels are not that great too, especially if you consider how much they actually cost. I highly recommend apartment rentals though if you are traveling with two or more people. Anyway, here is the price range for hotel accommodation in Paris.

Budget Hotels – this can range from $60 - $180 per night. You shouldn’t expect much if you are going for cheaper hotels, though rooms get better at $120 per night rate

Hostels – for a decent hostel, $40 budget per night per person should be enough for a shared dorm room while private room could cost you $60 to $120. However, most hostels will raise their prices during weekends.

Apartment Rental. From my personal experience with apartment rentals offered by AirBnb, these accommodations are much nicer and even bigger when compared to equally priced hotel rooms. The bonus is you get to cook your own food in the provided kitchen; this means you can save more money.

Tip! It would be best to book an accommodation that comes with free breakfast. Most of the hotels and hostels will provide a simple breakfast for free; this may be composed of cereal, bread, and some coffee or tea.

There are also several hotels that give discounts if you are booking for three or more nights stays. You can also score a better deal if you book online early, but take note that there are some hotels that don't allow you to cancel your reservation, so make sure your itinerary is final before booking online.

3. Food and Beverage

If you are staying at a budget hotel or hostel that offers free breakfast, then you are all set; but if you’re not, you can grab bread or croissant and a hot cup of coffee in several places without burning a hole in your pocket.  This may cost you about $10 to $15.

For quick lunch in the middle of your tour or some dinner to end a long day of walking, there are plenty of delicious cheap eats around the city. You can treat yourself to some cold cuts plates and tapas at L'Avant-Comptoir or some pies from Le Loir dans la Théière. This will cost you about $22 - $25. If you want something even less expensive, the city is surrounded by the local sandwich shop you can get one on the go and have some picnic at any local park.

And for a cold beer, this may cost you around $4 to $9 while the price of a decent glass of wine starts at $4

Tip! There some restaurants in the city the offers “early bird” promos where you can get your early dinner at a cheaper rate.

4. Transportation

What I like about Paris is that everything is almost walkable and using public transportation is very easy. You can just even take a trip from the airport to reach the Paris proper while you can take the Metro or a bus to get around the city. For your trips outside of Paris, I highly recommend using Rail Europe.

Tip! It would be best to book an accommodation that comes with free breakfast. Most of the hotels and hostels will provide a simple breakfast for free; this may be composed of cereal, bread, and some coffee or tea.

Final Thought

Overall, the answer to your question “how much is a trip to Paris” solely depends on you. You can make your trip as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, depending on what activities you want to do while you are exploring the city.

Yes, you will need to spend certain amount to see the main sights, but there so many other activities too which can absolutely cost less or even free, like walking around the city, watching the beautiful sunset with the Eiffel Tower on the view or even just window shopping in those massive fashion boutiques like Hermès, Louis Vuitton and so much more.

How much you are going to spend is really about what you intend to do and of course, without missing out a really must-see destination. So, how about you? What do you plan to see in Paris?  How are you going to spend your days in Paris? Are you going to splurge or just stay on the thrifty side? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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