Costa 400g Vs. 580g Vs. 580p: Which Is Perfect For Your Eyes?

Costa 400g Vs. 580g Vs. 580p

There are lots of sunglasses brands today. But there are only a few that are classic and trendy. Have you heard of Costa Del Mar? It is an American manufacturer of polarized sunglasses, and they have been in existence for many years.


The brand is also called Costa, and they are known manufacture high-quality sports sunglasses for both men and women. At ICAST 2018, Baffin Sunglasses, one of Costa’s product won best of the show. Some of the popular sunglasses the brand produces are costa 400g, 580g, and 580p. These pairs of sunglasses are a versatile bunch and can upgrade any look too dapper. They will be our main focus in this article. These are recreational glasses popularly known to be good for outdoor sport practicing.


Read on as this article discusses a detailed comparison of costa 400g vs. 580g vs. 580p. We would also review other Costa sunglasses and provide other important information about Costa Del Mar. 

Costa Sunglass Lenses 400g Vs 580g Vs 580p  

400 Glass Lens

580 Glass Lens

580 Plastic Lens


- It features lightWave™ glass.

- The lens is 22% lighter and 20% thinner than average polarized glass.

- It does not give up its durability and clarity.

- Lenses are available in green mirror (amber base) and blue mirror (grey base).

- The glasses have tough and durable co-injected TR-90 frame material which prevents corrosion.

- Integral hinge and wire core temples are easily adjustable and provide durability and stability.

- Allow the eye to see more blue, green, and red by using the multi-patented technology to reduce the yellow light.

- Glass offers scratch resistant and best clarity in material.

- Absorbs harmful high-energy blue light.

- High performance polarized lenses.

- Antireflective and water-repellant lens coating.

- Lenses are available in green mirror (copper base), silver mirror (copper base), blue mirror (grey base), grey, sunrise, and copper.

- Mirrors are encapsulated.

- It is 100% polarized.

- It offers 100 percent protection from ultraviolet ray.

- It is available in about 75 percent of Costa frame style.

- Repels oil and water.

- Blocks yellow light.

- It offers excellent resistant to - impact.

- The Costa 580p is lightweight.

- Remove glare from yellow light and provides green, blue and yellow.

- The best plastic lens available.

- The lens is available in all Costa frame styles.

- It offers the most durable lens material options .


- The state of California believes the lens 400g contains a chemical that can cause cancer and reproductive harm such as birth defects.

- The lens tends to be heavy.

- The Costa 580p sometimes show temporary fogging.


- You can use it in full sun for fishing and boating on open, reflective water or deep water.

- The Costa 580g can be used in hash sun, high and natural contrast, full sun, all around activities, beach, driving, cloudy days and beach.

- You can use the Costa 580p for various outdoor activities like driving, skiing, and fishing. It is perfect for full, bright sun on the offshore and open water.

Which Is Perfect For Your Eyes?

Sunglasses shouldn’t be an option but a necessity when it comes to protecting your eyes and making sure they are safe while you are driving, surfing, fishing and engaging in any outdoor activity. However getting the perfect one for you is sometimes overwhelming, that is why we compared Costa 400g vs. 580g vs. 580p and also reviewed some of the best Costa glasses above.

Even though the Costa Del Mar sunglasses are stylish and offer great performance with amazing features, there is one that put the icing on the cake. It is the Costa 580g. From its encapsulated mirrors, 100% polarization and UV protection to its scratch, antireflective, and water repellant coating, the Costa sunglasses beat its competitor. 

From the Costa sunglasses review section, all the sunglasses reviewed has great features, and you won’t go wrong going for them. But the Costa Fantail Sunglasses is the most impressive from this review. It steals the show with its value for money and overall quality and features. With the technology, features focused on protection and quality materials used for forging the sunglasses, this really is the perfect Costa Del Mar glasses for you.

Best Costa Sunglasses Review


  • 100% ultraviolet protection
  • Patented technology
  • TR-90 (bio-resin) frame 
  • True Costa 580® technology

Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses are one of the Angler collections. They are made in a specified way and have the right quality that meets the requirement of fishers off and on water. No matter what the high seas have to offer, this Costa eyeglass is ready to endure. Blackfin is one of the Angler sunglasses that put performance above style even though all the sunglasses by Costa have the best technologies.

The product features hydrolite expanding across Nose Bridge, cheekbone, and temple to ensure it does not slide off while putting it on. The hinges are flexible and durable while ensuring a consistent and comfortable fit. The frame of the Costa Blackfin is forged with tough, lightweight TR-90 nylon.  The design is eco-conscious and displays exceptional quality.


This product does not only come with the quality frame but also with the best lenses. The lenses are available in glass and polycarbonate. With the patented technology it features, polarized lenses filter out the harsh yellow light and enhance color. It also blocks HEV light and offers 100 percent UV protection. Adding to its features is the 36 lens color available. It gives you the opportunity to choose the one that meets your preference for better clarity during fishing. The Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses come in different sizes – small, medium, and large.


  • The wrap-around frame that will ensure your vision is not distorted, and the sun does not enter through the side
  • The sunglasses stay firm while wearing it because of the non-slip materials included
  • Incredibly lightweight ensure you comfortably wear it when spending the entire day outdoor
  • Stylish and makes color pop more when wearing them


  • Some users complained that the Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses are expensive


  • 100% ultraviolet protection
  • Tough TR-90 nylon frames
  • 100% polarized glasses 
  • True Costa 580® technology

There are lots of great sunglasses in the market, but the Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Sunglasses are simply one of the best. Prepare to be amazed if you have never worn Costa Saltbreak eyeglasses. The product features hardworking and bold frames made of study integral hinges and durable nylon. This amazing feature makes it durable and tough to endure any beaten taking out on the water.


The frames would give you a very secure and comfortable feel. Another interesting thing about the frame is the hydrolite material co-injected into it. Even if the frame gets wet, it would still stick to your skin. Adding to its amazing features is the escalated mirrors that are resistant to scratch. It ensures that you always have a clear vision when wearing it.


When compared with other polarized glasses the Costa Del Mar Saltbreak Sunglasses seems to edge out because it is 22 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner. The lens has 100 percent polarization that kills glares reflected. This sunglass also offers 100% ultraviolet blockage which provides maximum protection to your eye. The product comes in five epic colors that offer you different options to pick from.


  • Blocks yellow light to give better color contrast and boost green and red light
  • Great eye protection for all-day boating, fishing, and outdoor activities 
  • Resists grime, saltwater, scratching, oil, and impact. 
  • Eight base lens curvature that offers better fit when wearing it
  • plus
    Perfect for any light condition 
  • plus
    Delivers a bright field of vision, and maintain natural contrast and color saturation 


  • Some users complain of its high price point


  • Co-injected bio-based TR-90 nylon frames 
  • 8-base curvature lens
  • 100 percent polarization 
  • 100% UV protection
  • Check
    Co-molded technology
  • Check
    Integral hinge frame design
  • Check
    Megol nose pads

With high performance polarized glasses, every pair of the Costa Fantail Sunglasses is suitable for on-the-water action. The product feature lenses which offer 100 percent protection against UV and incomparable definition, contrast, and clarity. Due to the patented technology the Costa Fantail Sunglasses features, it would block blue light to reduce blur and haze and eliminate glare from yellow sun. Also, the lenses would boost green and red color for sharper contrast and deeper colors.


Included as one of its amazing features is the anti-reflective coating and water-repellent coating that ensures clarity. The product features TR-90 nylon frames that are co-molded. Each frame of the Costa Fantail Sunglasses comes with a temple that is co-ejected with hydrolite and an integral hinge frame design. This feature ensures a great fit when wearing it on your face. The frame fit runs from medium to large.        


  • Blocks blue and yellow light while boosting green and red lights 
  • Provides grip and comfort from the temples 
  • Minimizes visual fatigue and glare to reduce eye strain
  • The eyeglasses are lightweight and can make you forget you are wearing one
  • plus
    It is durable, tough, impact resistant, offers a comfortable fit, and scratch resistant
  • plus
    Great price and long lasting


  • Some users complained that the glasses might fog up temporarily


  • C-wall coating
  • UV protection and 100% polarization
  • Costa's 580 technology
  • Impact and corrosion resistant

As you already know that the Costa Del Mar has three collections, it is good to know that Costa Caballito is one of the Voyager collections. This product combines performance features with a comfortable wrap design. The full wrap design of the Caballito makes it a perfect fit for most users. It is a medium to large fit, and this makes it a perfect sunglass for various outdoor activities. The frame of this product is designed with biodegradable TR-90 nylon that is known as bio-resin. This material makes the frame lightweight and durable. In addition to the nylon frame that is indestructible, the product comes in a zipper case which protects it from the water.  

Included as one of its features is the nose pad which contains hydrolite and provides additional comfort and grip while wearing the sunglasses. The product will rest on your face securely with the raindrop accents added to the temple ends. The integral hinges of the frame are constructed with stainless steel. The material the hinge is constructed which makes it looks great in any condition because it adjusts to your face perfectly and makes it resistant to corrosion.     

To complement the high-quality frame, the Costa Caballito features 580G and P technology. Caballito lenses are known to be one of the clearest in the market. For you to keep up with your lifestyle, the C-wall proprietary coating efficiently resist water, oil, scratches, and dust. The lenses are polarized, and they have 100 percent polarization efficiency. Like most other Costa sunglasses, the Caballito offers 100% ultraviolet protection. This amazing feature makes them capable of blocking harmful HEV blue light and UVA, B, and C for superior clarity.      


  • Glasses clearly filtered out far more sun
  • They are very clear with a wide field of view
  • The sunglasses are comfortable to wear
  • Its quality is worth the price
  • plus
    The product is stylish, lightweight and super nice looking
  • plus
    Perfect for all outdoor activities


  • From our survey, some of the users complained about the fit of the sunglasses when wearing it.


  • Scratch resistant, water resistant and anti-reflective coating
  • Aviator styled frame
  • 100 percent polarized and UV protection
  • 6-base lens curvature 

You can handle any adventure with the Costa Del Mar Loreto Sunglasses because it is versatile. It features an aviation styled, double-bridged corrosion-resistant Monel frame that is lightweight and makes the product user-friendly. Do you know what Monel is? It is a super tough alloy that is resistant to corrosion and provides a different feel and looks. Imagine how great this product can be with this feature.

The product also has plastic lenses that are polarized, lightweight, and resistant to scratch and impact. The product also features anti-reflective coating and water-resistant coating. These polarized lenses reduce eye strain and cut glare.

The 100 percent UV protection that comes with the lenses ensures comfortable vision.  Furthermore, the Costa Loreto Sunglasses has nose pads that are adjustable and ensure a custom fit. The lens curvature is 6-base design.       


  • It is built to last
  • Great for fishing on flats and inshore because it enhances contrast and vision
  • Great fit for small faces 
  • Lenses clean up well
  • plus
    Very stylish and look great 


  • Some users complained about defected frames, lens, nose pad and size

Who Owns Costa Del Mar? 

Ray Ferguson founded Costa Del Mar in Daytona Beach in the year 1983. Due to the sun glare protection of the glasses, it featured in America’s Cup yacht racing contest in 1986 and became popular among recreational fishers and surfers. In 2013, Essilor acquired the Costa Del Mar brand. It means Costa is a brand presently owned by Essilor. 

Where Are Costa Del Mar Glasses Made?

Costa Del Mar is based in Daytona Beach, Florida. Most of the Costa glasses are assembled by hand in their workshop located where they are based. Parts of the brand’s glasses are received from all around the world.    


The warranty of Costa Del Mar is limited, and there are different warranties applicable for Costa glasses products. Costa will replace or fix your eyewear if it has workmanship or material defect. You can also benefit from the repair program if your Costa eyeglass is not damaged due to workmanship and material defect. The manufacturer of these glasses doesn’t outsource repair. If you have any issues, you would be dealing directly with Costa Del Mar.  

If your warranty claim is processed, they will charge you applicable tax and processing fee that covers return handling and shipping. The warranty processing fee for shipment made to Puerto Rico and the United States is $11.95 per pair. But shipments outside Puerto Rico and the United States have a different warranty processing fee.

Where To Buy?

The best place to buy the Costa Del Mar sunglasses is their official website. However, you can also buy from other reliable and legitimate online stores like Amazon. On the Costa official website, there is a dealer locator that allows you to find an authorized retailer near you. All you need to do is to enter your country, city and state, address, and Zip/postal code. You can get dealers within 15 miles to 300 miles. Also, you can choose from any of the three available collections which are Voyager, Angler, and Beachcomber.

Final Thought

We know the decision on which sunglasses to go for is a personal choice. But we believe any of the Costa Del Mar glasses reviewed in this article can guide you in making the right choice. No matter how little or much they cost, it is better to find the perfect pair for you to ensure your eyes are protected as well as possible. 

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