What To Do When Checking Into A Hotel After Midnight?


"Can I Check Into A Hotel At 1AM?"
“What if I arrive at my hotel after midnight?”

I know you have this questions running through your mind after you have planned for a trip abroad only to realize that you will reach your hotel accommodation after midnight? I understand that you’re a bit worried about how exactly you can handle this situation!

What can you expect the moment you check into your hotel at 1AM or 3AM? Would they still entertain you? Is your room still reserved under your name? Are they going to give your room to anyone else? Well, I know a lot could be troubling your mind today. Of course, no one wants to be wandering around in the middle of the night, looking for a place to stay.

So to make things easier for you, I have pieced together some helpful tips when checking into a hotel after midnight. I hope after you finished reading this article, you will be able to see that checking into a hotel even in the wee hours is no fuzz at all. So if you want to know how to do it easily and not to mess up your bookings, please keep on reading below! This information will guarantee you a smooth and easy check-in.

The Best Things You Can Do When You Arrive at Your Hotel After Midnight

1. Establish a good communication.

First and foremost, the first thing you should do for this kind of situation is to call in advance. You should let the hotel’s front desk officer know that you will be arriving a little bit late. In this way, you can be sure that they will not be giving away your room to any walk-in guest, especially during peak seasons when hotels can easily get fully-booked.

Fortunately, in general, hotels have staffs who are working 24 hours, so there will absolutely be someone that can always attend to your needs.

Bonus Tip! Try To Ask For a Discount.

Ever heard of the old saying that says “you won’t know if you don’t ask”? This applies well to this case. Since you will be checking into a hotel after midnight, you will apparently be using the hotel room for a shorter time, so don’t miss the chance to ask the front desk officer if you’re entitled with a discount or some sort when doing tip no. 1.


Though most of the bigger hotel chains might not at all times be that sympathetic, I’ve known some smaller hotels, boutique hotels, hostels and guesthouse doing this from time to time, just as long as you ask for it. Wouldn’t it be great to be spending your hard earned vacation money wisely? All that it takes is just to fire the question away and you could save a large chunk of charge.

2. Be Polite, All The Time

I understand that you may arrive at the hotel feeling exhausted. It’s already late and all you have to do is to be curling up in your bed. But you need to consider that the people working the front desk are tired too.  And not only that, you have to remember that these guys have the authority to either provide you with your stay quickly or make it even worse.

Just in case any problem will occur with your reservation, make sure to keep your calm and ask practical questions like “What are the best solutions you can provide?”, “What are the choices that I have?” or "Do I have to speak to your manager about this?". Front desk offices have the power to solve your problems, so make sure you won’t be rubbing them the wrong way. It pays to be courteous.

Bonus Tip! Greet the employees by their names. This will allow you to express your respect to the staff and at the same time show to them that you are worthy of respect too. Calling people by their name will help you catch the attention of the person, making them more likely to listen to you, especially if you are trying to express your complaint.

Shelling out a tip can do wonders too! A lot of my friends who frequently travel like me assure that tipping during check-in will not only make the entire process to go smoothly but can even earn you some amenities. Some get a more spacious room, a free snack in the minibar, others even allowed us for late check-out.

How much you should tip likely depends on your budget, but anywhere between 5 USD to 20 USD will do the trick. If you find this to be a little awkward, just remember that tip is a way to show kindness, so don't ever feel bad about being generous.

3. Make Sure That All Of Your Documents Are Ready.

I have committed this mistake once. There was this time when I showed up at the hotel I booked online without my passport. Fortunately, the concierge that night was sympathetic enough that he just let the situation slide and allowed me to check in.

But not all situation is going to go smoothly as this and not all hotel officer would give you the same treatment. So make sure to bring any documents or identification cards with you. If your passport is not available, your driver’s license will often be enough.

Bonus Tip! I suggest you take a photo of your passport or identification card and save them to your mobile phone. Believe me, this has gotten me out of a number of sticky situations.

Final Thought

Isn’t it so easy to be checking into a hotel after midnight? So just make sure you follow these tips I’ve mentioned above. This could not only make your stay more pleasant and comfortable, this could also save you money.

Anyway, I really hope that this information would be useful for your upcoming travels. Make sure to share or leave a comment about your experiences when checking late into a hotel in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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