You Need To Try The 7 Best Ways To Pack Clothes

There has always been a big debate when it comes to the question what’s the best way to pack clothes.

Is rolling better than layering? Is cubing really effective or it will just occupy as much space in your luggage? There are some travelers who swear by rolling since it allows them to pack more and get rid of unused space. Others say they just love layering since it prevents their clothes from wrinkling.

What is really the best and most effective way?

Well, in today's article, I will be helping you answer this long-debated question. I've tried seven packing techniques and I will be sharing it with you today what I like and don’t like on each of this technique. I hope by the end of this article, you will be able to find the best way of packing your clothes that are suited to your needs.

So are you ready? Then please keep on reading below.

Seven Ways of Packing Clothes That You Can Try


I often do the layering whenever I am using rectangular bags or suitcases since I’d like to take advantage of the bag’s compartments, making your clothes easy to access. This technique is the most classic among this list. This is where you will be folding your clothes and just place them on top of each other to create a layer.

Well, yes it can reduce creasing and wrinkles but I don’t like the fact that there are some unfilled spaces I can no longer use.



Rolling for me is the best way to pack clothes. It has been my favorite method since it doesn’t only save space but it can also reduce clothes wrinkles. It works great to fill-up corners whenever you are using irregularly shaped bags. Even the military of the United States is using this method so they can effectively take advantage the space of their bag at the same time to lighten their load.

Anyway, here are some tips on how to do rolling:

  • I highly recommend that you start with your jeans or other bigger items so you can pack them first your bag. For your jeans, fold it in half lengthwise then begin rolling up the length if it from the cuff or the bottom.
  • Rolling works really great for T-shirts. Find a flat surface where you can lay your shirt facing down. Fold the sleeves back onto the shirt’s main body. Next, fold the shirt half in lengthwise then start rolling up.
  • For your long-sleeve shirts, lay the shirt facing down and fold the sleeves back just like what you did to your T-shirt, but this time fold down the cuffs until it almost touches the shirt's hem. Fold it lengthwise and start rolling from the shirt’s hem.
  • Winter jackets are the most challenging to pack, fortunately rolling make it easy. Lay the jacket on a flat surface and zip all the zippers. Fold each sleeve back to its body and fold the jacket into vertically half. Begin rolling from the collar’s edge and squeeze as much air out of it. Use a large rubber band or a string to secure the jacket.

Just make sure you smooth the items well before you begin rolling them up, this is the only way for this method to be efficient. Hang your clothes immediately too once you arrive at your destination to make sure they will stay wrinkle-free.


I think bundling would be the most space saving technique. If you do this right, you can save up to 20% of volume when compared to the usual folding. It is just as space saving as the rolling method and it is less time consuming when compared to rolling every piece of clothing one by one.

As its name suggests, this technique involves carefully wrapping your clothes around a central core object to avoid folding that may only result in creases. Likewise, since there will be tension between the fabrics due to the wrapping process, the chances of wrinkling will even be significantly reduced.

And since bundling could shape your clothes into a square shape, it fits perfectly well into a square-shaped suitcase. But don't worry, this technique doesn't discriminate other bags. You can easily squeeze-in the bundle into a backpack or a duffle bag. But take note that bundling needs a serious pre-planning.

Anway, check out Ben Popken of NBC News showing us how to do bundling like a pro!


It took me a while to give cubing a try. I was thinking that packing cubes will only consume space in my luggage rather than help. A lot of my friends were telling me that this has helped them prevent wrinkling as clothes will not be shifting around as much since they are enclosed in these mesh container. But I never understood the logic and appreciate its benefits until someone gifted me this travel accessory.

For one, it helped me organize my clothes well since I was able to pack similar items together. There’s one cube for my tops, another cube for my bottoms and another one for my underwear. I even get to organize according to a specific color or a cube size to indicate which cube is holding which belongings.

What’s even more is that it makes packing and repacking easy. Whenever I need to get something, all I need is to pull up that one particular cube out of my bag to get exactly what I need. There's no need to be flipping through my piles of clothes. And since my cubes come in a mesh panel, I can already see what's in there.

In this way, clothes can be kept clean and wrinkles can be reduced too.


I highly recommend this technique if you are using duffel bags that come in a long, deep, square shape. To do stacking, you will be using folders and cubes and insert them vertically to the bag’s bottom.

I want you to think about a chest of drawers because this is how this technique is going to be. The chest will be your duffle bag, which is probably about 24 inches high, while your cubes will be the drawers. Imagine sliding the drawers out of the chest, this is how you are going to pull out the cubes from the bag.

You can group items on every cube like socks and underwear in one cube, sweater and pants on another and toiletries on the third or you can group them per outfit, let’s say one outfit in every cube.


Well, this technique works great on bags like satchels or any bags that is non-rectangular with a single compartment.

To do this efficiently, you will also need a cube that you will insert vertically to the bottom of the bag. Make sure that the long side of the cube will be parallel to the bag’s long side and is on the center of the bag. So now the cube will act as your compartment.

You can use each side of the bag where it slopes down, you can use either rolling techniques or cubing according to what suits you best. This will make your single compartment bag accessible



But how about just stuffing everything in your bag? Grab everything you want to bring and stuff it in your bag, what do you think that? Well, I’ve tried this before when I was cramming few hours before my flight and oh boy, I had the heaviest bag in my entire life. So I suggest, don’t ever do this!

Additional Tips When Packing Your Clothes

1.Prepare a packing list

Rather than spending time thinking what clothes you should pack, you can make a list of items that you think you will need for your trip. A packing list will not only make sure that you will not forget anything that is important, this will also help you avoid over packing.

2.Check the weather

I am really someone who regularly check what the weather is going to be like in my destination, so I don’t get to pack things that I might just end up not using.

So before packing your clothes, check what Mother Nature has in store for you and plan out what you will need to be comfortable with for this kind of weather.

3.Leave a little sp​​​​ace for souvenirs

If you are heading on a vacation and is expecting to bring back some goodies for your loved ones, don't pack your luggage to the brim. Leave a little room in your bag that you can fill with a souvenir, delicacies and other booties.

Final Thought

In the end, the best way to pack clothes is probably by mixing all of these techniques! For instance, you can do the bundling technique for your large clothing that is more prone to wrinkle so they will be kept neat, roll other clothes to fill in the empty spaces and then add some packing cubes for things you want to be kept organized. I’m sure you’ll have a perfectly packed luggage no matter what clothes you are bringing.

So, how about you? What packing technique do you think would suit you best? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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