Best Swissgear Backpacks – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2019


You might agree with me that there are lots of backpack brands on the market. But do you know that SwissGear Backpacks are one of the brands famous for their versatile, reliable, spacious and durable bags? Various companies manufacture SwissGear Backpacks but under the license from Wenger which is one of the companies that have manufactured Swiss Army knives before acquisition by Victorinox in 2005. There are many options and designs available for school and travel.

You can use the backpacks to carry all your business and travel essentials. There are also padded and secure carry-on bags that you can use to carry your electronics such as a laptop. One of the great things about the bags manufactured by SwissGear is that they are resistant to water. It means your belongings will be secured from damage when you are caught in the rain. Every backpack by SwissGear comes with more than one compartment to help you keep your belongings organized. Each compartment of the SwissGear backpack features two zippers which make it hassle-free to keep your belongings safe by putting a lock on them.

All their bags come with shoulder straps that are well padded for comfort while some come with a frame that will help keep the backpack in shape. Additionally, some have wheels that make mobility easier. Furthermore, the brand offers a limited warranty which includes ten years extended warranty, three years limited warranty, and warranty repairs for backpacks.

After a brief overview of what the SwissGear Backpacks look like, let us dive further into the review of the best SwissGear Backpacks available on the market. Though there are lots of Backpacks by Swiss Gear, the products that will be reviewed are the top ones, and they will help you with your search. Read further!

Review of The Best Swissgear Backpacks

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1. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack


5 Year Limited Warranty

Durable 1200D polyester

18.5 x 13.5 x 9.0 inches

2.5 pounds

So we’ve come to the last of my SwissGear luggage review. If you are still on the hunt for a high-quality backpack for your 17-inches laptop, then look no further! The SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack is definitely an amazing choice.

SwissGear has incorporated some excellent features to this backpack to make it very useful to travelers. The "SmartScan lay-flat" system, for instance, is a feature that really stands out for me. This allows you to open up and lay the bag down for an easy TSA X-ray security scanning. This only means you will no longer need to remove your laptop at the security counter ever again.

And most of all, we can be guaranteed that this bag is durable enough since it is made from 1200D ballistic polyester which is an incredibly heavy-duty, weatherproof material that can withstand various harsh conditions. It is also water resistant, so you can be sure that your belongings will stay dry just in case you get caught in the rain. This is very important, of course, we want to make sure that our electronics will not get damp.

I was very impressed with how I feel so comfortable every time I am using this bag. SwissGear added ergonomic padded shoulder straps that are well-padded and curved so you will be at ease even if you are carrying it for a prolonged period. Plus, these straps are adjustable, you can easily adjust the position that you feel are more comfortable. It also has superb airflow system. At the back panels of the backpack, you will also see mesh fabric that allows excellent back ventilation and support. So a sweaty back will now be a thing of the past.

This backpack also features different kinds of compartments where you can store your devices as well as other travel gears and accessories such as notebook, some books, external mouse, etc.  There is a special pocket inside which is important to keep your other gadgets like tablet or iPad. There’s also a holder for your cell phone that comes with an audio interface that lets you listen to some awesome tracks and individual pockets on the sides where you can carry some water bottles or your umbrella.

Overall, this backpack is very convenient to use, especially for those frequent travelers. Since it is TSA friendly, you will save plenty of time every time you go through TSA airport checks.


  • You can choose among four different color combinations: black/red, black/gray, black/blue and the classic black.
  • Made from durable material
  • Comes with spacious compartments so you can store your and other accessories
  • Very comfortable to use


  • I find the side pockets to be a little smaller.

​2. Swiss Gear SA1908 - Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops and Tablets


5 Year Limited Warranty


18 x 13 x 9 inches

2.61 pounds

This backpack is a great fit for frequent travelers, students, and hikers. The Swiss Gear SA1908 is an optimum lightweight backpack, weighing 3.3 pounds and has size dimensions 18.5 x 13.5 x 9.0 inches, able to fit in a 17-inch laptop. The laptop compartment has an adjustable strap for laptops with sizes less than 17 inches. It is designed with a ballistic weave fabric, which makes it strong and durable. The Swiss gear comes out of the box with a smart scan feature that makes a movement at checkpoints swift.


Although the Swiss gear backpack has less number of pockets and compartments, they are more spacious for big sized contents. The backpack is designed with an airflow technology, which helps reduce heat and ensure your back is well ventilated. Nothing appears better than the presence of an organizer pocket where pens, pencils and cell phones can be kept neat and organized.

There is also a special pouch for your mp3 player and an open slit to help connect with headphones, so you can listen to music while on the go. All these features make the backpack suitable for camping, hiking and business activities.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Can easily be assessed by the sides 
  • TSA friendly


  • Less number of compartments to fit in items 

3. ​Swiss Gear SA1923


5 Year Limited Warranty


13.5 x 9.1 x 18.5 inches

3.3 pounds

If you want a bag that speaks comfort this product might be a perfect choice. This backpack is sold only as a rich navy color on most online stores. The Swiss Gear SA1923 is an optimum lightweight backpack, weighing 3.3 pounds and has size dimensions 18” x 13” x 8.5 to fit in a 15-inch laptop. It is designed with a ballistic weave fabric that makes the Swiss gear durable and long-lasting. This brand of backpack is TSA friendly as you can scan through the bag without the need to pack and unpack its contents.

The backpack comes with an airflow technology which keeps your back well ventilated. Also, it has multiple compartments which make it efficient to carry more contents. The shoulder straps are also well padded with a mesh fabric giving your shoulders a desirable comfort no matter the content. As a unique property, this backpack has a compression strap that ensures all contents stay in the exact place and prevents fragile items from clipping off.

It has a media outlet through which you can filter music to your ears with your headphones using your mp3 player kept safe in your backpack. It also has side water bottle pockets, to keep water handy during trips.


  • Has multiple compartments 
  • It is highly durable and long lasting.
  • It is lightly weighted hence, convenient for use


  • Some customers complained about the stitching quality, says it can’t withstand heavy contents over time.

4. SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack


5 Year Limited Warranty

90 % polyester and 10% PVC

10.2 x 18.5 x 14.6 inches

3.35 pounds

​This brand of Swiss gear can accommodate a 17-inch laptop. This backpack is available as a black color model with a navy blue and grey accent. Its size dimensions of 19" x 15" x 9” which is quite spacious for your contents. The backpack is a lightweight weighing 3.35 pounds.

The fabric is made up of polyester on the exterior and nylon in the interior making the backpack expandable and gives it a good and durable look. The backpack handle is ergonomically designed with a metal cable. The metal cable is surrounded with a thick black plastic and nylon material, shaped to give a firm grip. Found posterior to this handle is a quick access pocket made of red nylon along with a smaller pocket having a Velcro closure for an mp3 player.

This product provides extra protection for fragile items with features such as; a triple protect padded compartment to protect your laptop. The backpack has a case stabilizing element at the bottom keeping it in an upright position. As a mobile professional on the move, you will find the backpack a great benefit, as it has an essential organizer that keeps items such as cords, chargers and business cards neat, well arranged and accessible. On both sides of the backpack, there is a mesh pocket made available to hold water bottles or umbrella.

All feelings of comfort are reserved as the backpack has an air Flow back padding is included. The padding provides free ventilation to ensure your body is cool. It also has a well-padded shock absorbing Shoulder straps that provides an even weight on your shoulders.


  • Has multiple compartments 
  • Side access pockets for frequently used items
  • Provides great protection.


  • Some customers complained about the product warranty

5. Wenger Synergy Backpack (GA-7305-14F00)

swissgear synergy backpack

5 Year Limited Warranty

90 % polyester and 10% PVC

14 x 12 x 19 inches

3.53 pounds

Need a backpack that keeps your laptop protected for travel? Then the Swiss gear synergy is the best fit for you. It has size dimensions 14 x 12 x 19 inches able to fit a 15 – 16-inch laptop. This backpack has an optimum light weight of 3.2 pounds. The bag is covered all round with a water-proof shield material to protect content under the rain.

With the aid of a triple protects padded foam, the backpack provides extra protection for fragile items such as your laptop and other valuables. A refreshing experience all the way with the presence of a music player pocket, in which you can place your mp3 player and filter music with headphones connected through open silt.

The backpack comes out of the box with shock absorbing shoulder straps which gives your shoulders an even weight no matter the content of your backpack. An effective airflow technology keeps your back well ventilated to reduce heat buildup.

Although, unlike other models, the Swiss gear synergy doesn’t come with the smart scan feature. However, this feature is compensated with a Pass-through grab handle for easy travel with multiple bags. Your hiking experience is endless with this model as it comes with meshed dual side pockets in which you can keep a water bottle or umbrella. In the backpack, an organizer is also embedded in which you can keep your dividers, cords, chargers and other essentials organized.


  • Extremely tough and rugged bag
  • Can be maximized for daily use
  • Offers protection for valuables 
  • Keep items well organized.
  • Shock absorber gives it an even weight.


  • Not suitable for someone above average size.

6. SwissGear Pegasus by Wenger Computer Backpack

swiss gear pegasus

5 Year Limited Warranty

90 % polyester and 15% PVC

6.5 x 20 x 15 inches

4.63 pounds

Looking for a backpack that comes out stylish for daily use? Then this Swiss backpack will be your best choice. This Swiss gear brand, manufactured by the Wenger Company of the Swiss Army Knife, is often found in retail stores, usually in black color with a blue accent. It has size dimensions 6.5 x 20 x 15 inches able to fit a 17-inch laptop or notebook. This backpack also has an optimum weight of 4.63 pounds. It also has a nylon based fabric in the interior.

The backpack offers a strong and rugged computer case and compartments for large capacity for accessories. The backpack has music on the go feature, with the presence of an mp3 player pocket and an open slit to help connect your headphones to the device. The backpack comes out of the box with shock absorbing shoulder straps, which gives your shoulders an even weight no matter the content of your backpack. Effective airflow technology keeps your back well ventilated to keep it cool.

Even though the backpack doesn’t have a Scan smart feature, it is compensated with Pass-through grab handle (which slides over the handle system of wheeled luggage) for easy travel with multiple bags. Your hiking experience is endless with this model as it comes with meshed dual side pockets in which you can keep a water bottle or umbrella. In the backpack, an organizer is also embedded in which you can keep your dividers, cords, chargers and other essentials organized.

The backpack also has an adjustable chest strap to help stabilize the backpack on your body especially when the backpack is heavily loaded. All these features embedded in one package makes this backpack suitable for you as a traveler, hiker or student.


  • Durable and long-lasting backpack
  • Offers the best protection for a 17 inch laptop
  • Suitable for daily use


  • Some customers of this product complained about the shoulder straps not being able to withstand extreme wear.

7. Swiss Gear 5358 ​USB Charging SCANSMART


5 Year Limited Warranty

mesh fabric

18 x 7 x 11.5 inches

2.95 pounds

The Swiss gear 5358 is more of a friend than an actual backpack. Why? It is because the backpack is a Swiss gear brand with built-in technology and other amazing features. Quite expensive but it indeed price worthy. There are two major models to this backpack either one of the Red or black color. It has size dimensions 18 x 7 x 11.5 inches and weighs 2.95 pounds. The backpack exterior is covered with a durable and abrasion resistant polyester fabric. I find this backpack effective for travel as it has a layback flat panel with room for a tablet or laptop and a crush resistant pocket for keeping sunglasses. At the sides of the backpack, there is an internal zippered panel which serves as a shoe access bag.

The Swiss gear 5358 has a scan smart feature making it TSA-friendly and reduces stress at checkpoints. The backpack features a Charging on the go feature, due to the availability of a USB port on the bag’s exterior to which you can connect to a power bank in the interior. Features such as a fully padded shoulder strap and air flow technology (mesh fabric) keep your back well ventilated and make the backpack comfortable to wear.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Efficient backpack for long hikes 
  • Has a USB port to help power your phone while on the move.


  • Only fits 15-inch sized laptops.

8. Swiss Gear Airflow Backpack

swissgear airflow backpack

5 Year Limited Warranty

mesh fabric

18 x 7 x 11.5 inches

2.95 pounds

The Swiss gear Airflow backpack is a sleek backpack fit for school students. With this backpack you can comfortably fit in a 15 – 16-inch laptop, keep daily notes and journal materials. This Swiss Gear is a Royal blue backpack with size dimensions 18" x 13" x 6.5”. It is constructed of a polyester fabric which makes it suitable for everyday wear. The backpack features an organizer pocket for keeping cords, pens, cords, etc. It also features a front access pocket for keeping frequently used items. A well-padded shoulder strap and an effective back airflow system are included to make the backpack an optimum comfort for wear. It has mesh sides water bottle pockets for keeping water handy. There is also a knob for holding keys on the backpack.


  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use daily.


  • Can’t withstand excess contents

9. ​SwissGear SA2310 Mini Sling ​Bag

swiss gear sling bags

5 Year Limited Warranty

mesh fabric

5.5 x 9.3 x 13.2 inches

1.3 pounds

The Swiss gear SA2310 is a handy, sling bag and small backpack, used for casual travels, work, and school. It has size dimensions of 5.5 × 9.3 × 13.2 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds making it suitable for use by small kids. This brand of Swiss gear comes out of style as a sporty backpack. It is made from a sturdy polyester fabric which gives it a long-lasting effect. It comes with an adjustable single strap with breathable mesh fabric to provide comfort during wears.


It has a well-padded airflow back panel system to keep your back cool. It has a handy vertical front pocket and a front slip pocket for frequently used small items. It also features a small sized pocket by its sides and a top web loop bag handle.


There is an organizer compartment with a zippered mesh pocket to keep pens, mobile devices, cords, ID card, and memory stick well arranged. This backpack proves to be your best companion for casual travels as it has a built-in headphone cord port which can be used to filter music when connected to a mobile device. It also offers protection for your tablet with a tablet safe mesh pocket.


  • Highly mobile and handy
  • Good for casual travels
  • Best use as a school bag for small kids 
  • Comfortable to the back


  • Limited to small contents 
  • Meant for people with less body size

10. SwissGear Getaway Collection

Gateway is one of the many collections made available by SwissGear. The products included in this collection are:

Messenger Bag:


If you are looking for a messenger bag that will no doubt make you push your traditional briefcase aside, this SwissGear Gateway collection can be a perfect option. It features padded pockets that allow you to carry extra items such as wallets, phones, accessories and miscellaneous. Additionally, it has a padded pocket that allows the integration of laptops up to 15”. It has a bottle pocket with elasticized mesh. This feature allows you to take your water and other liquids wherever you go.

Also, the messenger bag comes with a zipper pocket at the front for accessories and a handle at the top so you can easily lift the bag. With the large main compartment included you can easily carry your hoodie, papers, or files. Furthermore, the messenger bag has a long strap that allows you to carry on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag easily.

The Cinch Bag

Swiss Gear Heather Cinch Casual Daypack

Are you going for an outing and looking for a hassle-free way to pack your clothing for an overnight change? The Cinch bag from SwissGear could bridge the gap. This collection comes with a padded pocket for tablets at the back for security purpose. The collection features organizer pocket at the interior so you can easily carry your items wherever you wish. Clinch Bags is made of polyester lining which means they will not wear down quickly and also flexible and resistant to shrinking and wrinkles. It has a handle loop at the top to make carrying it easy. Also, it comes with a drawstring that is easily adjustable and shoulder straps that are padded for comfort.

Laptop Backpack

SwissGear Getaway Collection Laptop Backpack

This gateway collection from Swissgear makes everything from carrying a tablet, phone and laptop to keys and other personal items easy. The collection has a padded compartment that is designed to fit and carry portable computers. They feature padded shoulder straps that are contoured ergonomically and have web loop and breathable mesh fabric. These features offer superior convenience and comfort when carrying the laptop backpacks. Zippered mesh pocket and slip pocket are included at the interior for an extra packing organization.

The collection comes with an add-a-bag feature that makes you slide your backpack over the extended handle of wheeled luggage without stress. The Laptop backpack collection from Swissgear comes with compression straps at the side to ensure your content maintains a fixed position even on the rough roads. It means your items will be prevented from shifting or moving about. 

Final Thought

If you are one of the people who keep asking questions such as “are Swiss gear backpacks good?” This article should have answered your question. No doubt, different bag fit different people in different situations. But figuring out the one that best fit you and your needs might be time-consuming. With the best Swissgear Backpacks reviewed above, you can easily opt for the bags suitable for travel. Also, you will get the perfect ones for school as a student. Additionally, if you are looking for hiking backpacks, you will find them above. If you want to purchase the right bag for yourself, you won’t go wrong by choosing any of the ones mentioned in this article. They are some of the great backpacks from Swiss gear.

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