6 Of The Best Beaches In Santorini You Need To Check Out

How can your sea vacation ever be complete without spending some time on the beach?

Well, the good news is that Santorini has several different kinds of beaches you can enjoy. Plenty of tourists, including me, love the beaches of Santorini because of its unique setting, which is even more memorable than just any other sandy beach.

So in this article, I have collected for you the best beaches in Santorini that you absolutely have to visit while you’re on the island. Are you ready to find out what beaches have made it to my list? Then please keep on reading below!

Best Beaches You Will Find in Santorini

1. Red Beach

Best Beaches In Santorini

Well, it is quite obvious already why it has been named as “The Red Beach”. This beach is probably the most famous one in Santorini due to its unique feature. Its crystal clear waters have been surrounded by red sand and volcanic lava rocks and pebbles that are all come in red. It doesn’t only have amazing colors but a totally unique landscape too.

Tips when visiting Red Beach!

  • The beach can really be crowded during months of July or August
  • There will be plenty of hiking and climbing through the rocks that will lead you to the beach, so prepare yourself.
  • Don’t miss snorkeling, its geological formation is just the best place with amazing sea bottom with wonderful color.
  • During the summer, the temperature can be high so make sure to bring a hat, sun protection and lots of water.

​​2. Perissa Beach

Best Beaches In Santorini

The tourist resort of Perissa is the busiest beach in Santorini and can get even very crowded during summer, but it’s very impressive how organized this beach is. It has been known to be the Black Beach in Santorini.

I’m sure you’d enjoy the beach’s amazing atmosphere with its black pebbles and crystal clear waters that have been completed with relaxing couches and sun-beds. This is the best place to listen to some live music from famous DJs all over the world and drink some wonderful cocktails.

Tips when visiting Perissa Beach!

Perissa is actually the end of the long black sand beach of Perivolos, so if you have some more time you can also visit and do all the wet sports like Jet Ski, sea-bananas and so much more at Perivolos.

​​3. Kamari Beach

Best Beaches In Santorini

Here’s another black beach that is pretty touristic. Kamari is one of the best beaches in Santorini that is perfect for families. It is easily accessible and is close to the airport. Here you will find all kinds of restaurants, cafes, beach bars and tavernas. You can spend your entire day just relaxing on the beach, drinking cocktails, swimming and sunbathing.

But what made it famous is that it offers hundreds of hotels you can choose from. There are plenty of great villas you can book or even an entire house.

Tips when visiting Kamari Beach!

Don't miss the sunsets, this is the best time to feel the passion in the air.

You can also enjoy a movie under the stars through the Open Air Cinema Kamari

4. Vlychada Beach

Best Beaches In Santorini

If you are fond of white beaches, then get ready to be impressed with what Vlychada Beach can offer. Its huge white rocks on a unique landscape is definitely a must see, the bonus is its relaxing atmosphere.

Unlike other beaches, there are no wet sports you can do here or party at noisy beach bars. The entire beach is being organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Tips when visiting Kamari Beach!

  • Take advantage of the serene atmosphere of the beach. This the perfect place to read a book during a relaxing sunbath.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera, the unique formations of white rocks is really a good subject for photography lovers
  • During sunset, you can enjoy a walk by the sea that leads to Theros Wave Bar where you will see the sculptured cliffs rising splendidly on both sides.

5. Koloumbos Beach

Best Beaches In Santorini

Koloumbos Beach is among the quietest and secluded beaches in Santorini, no wonder why it quickly becomes the only friendly beach to the nudists. And since the beach is long enough, you can exactly have a great part of the beach by yourself and there are only a few people who really swim into this beach; this means that it is only going to be you, the black pebbles, magnificent rocks, and incredibly blue water.

Though the beach is huge enough, you can also find few beach bars and cafes.

Tips when visiting Koloumbos Beach!

  • There are no buses that will take you to Koloumbus Beach, you can only reach the area generally by bike, car or ATV.
  • There are no hotels around Koloumbos Beach; if you want to be close to the area, you can stay in Oia since it has hundreds of hotel choices

6. Monolithos Beach

Best Beaches In Santorini

This wide and very long beach is a very family-friendly beach. Monolithos Beach is very accessible, especially that is just very close to the airport.

I must say, this beach has probably the best sand on the island and with its sunbeds and umbrellas, you’ll definitely have a relaxing visit. Though there are only a few restaurants and tavernas, you will be served with the freshest fish in the island.

Tips when visiting Monolithos Beach!

Monolithos Beach offers great water sports that your family will really enjoy. You can also find here the best kite-surfing in Santorini.

Final Thought

So there you have it, the best beaches in Santorini that I highly suggest you’d pay a visit.

Though this island has never been known for its beaches and you can’t expect those serene tropical beaches and relaxing stretches of sand you often see in the pictures of Greece, Santorini’s beaches offer their own charm and unique geological formations.

So where do you think you will go swimming? Let me know what you think below in the comment section, I would love to hear from you.

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