Top 4 Best Beaches In Cebu You Need To Visit In Your Next Adventure

Heading to Cebu for your next adventure? I must say this is one of the islands in the Philippines that offers so many tourist attractions you need see. But the main attractions will always be the white-sand beaches that are dazzling and just simply incredible.

Cebu has definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the world where you will witness the scenic view of sea and sky. Anyway, I came up with a short list of some of the best beaches in Cebu you need to see on your next visit in the Philippines.

So are you ready to be amazed at the scenic views the beaches of Cebu can offer? Then please keep on reading below!

The Best Beaches You Will Find in Cebu

1. Bantayan Island

Best Beaches In Cebu

Somewhere in the northernmost tip of mainland Cebu, you will find tropical island Eden resting, which has been known to be Bantayan Island. I’m sure you will find yourself in awe once you will see the island’s vast horizon capturing the translucent waters and spotless sand.

You can visit the popular resorts in the island like Sugar Beach, Paradise Beach, Alice Beach and Maricaban Beach but the best way to enjoy the whole place is by hiring a boat to go island hopping on nearby islands like Virgin Island and Cabulauan Island.

But I have to warn you, there’s also a place called Daanbantayan and this is totally different, so don't get things mixed up.

Distance from Cebu City: 140.4 km or approximately 3.5 to 5 hours travel

How to get there: Ride a bus or a V-hire heading to Hagnaya in the Cebu City North Bus Terminal. In Hagnaya, you will need to board a ferry that will take you to the Sta. Fe wharf. Starting there, you can now ride a tricycle going to a particular resort in Bantayan.

2. Malapascua

Best Beaches In Cebu

The white fine sand and astounding beauty of Malapascua is often being compared to the famous Boracay, but what’s great about Malapascua is that it offers a sight of a never-been-spoiled beach.

It is also one of the best diving destinations in the country where you will be greeted with its richness of coral reefs, marine life, and even shipwrecks. So if you are fond of diving, don't miss an early morning dive at Monad Shoal and if you are lucky enough, you will see the shy thresher sharks.

The Bounty Beach is one of the best beaches in Cebu and is where most of the visitors flock! This is the island's leading beach that has been dotted with restaurants, cottages, and resorts. But you can actually squeeze Bantayan Island to Malapascua in your itinerary to save time as well as money. If you still have the luxury of time, you can even charter a boat to another nearby Kalanggaman Island in Leyte which is jaw-dropping too!

Distance from Cebu City: 120 km or approximately 4 to 5.5 hours travel

How to get there: In Cebu City North Bus Terminal, take a bus that’s bound for Maya. At Maya Port, take a boat going to Malapascua Island

3. Camotes Island

Camotes Island is often referred to as "The Lost Horizon" and its unspoiled beauty has been captivating both local and foreign tourist, even the first Spanish explorers. No one can really say no once they get invited to the natural forest that's facing the blue waters and white sandy beaches.

Don’t miss to explore other islands such as Poro, Ponson, Pacijan, and Tulang. If you still have some more time, try to squeeze in a side in your itinerary by visiting Lake Danao which is the largest lake in Cebu at Pacijan.

Distance from Cebu City: 86.3  km or approximately 4 to 6 hours travel

How to get there: In Cebu City North Bus Terminal, ride a bus that’s bound for Danao. Once you reach Danao, ride a boat that’s going to Kawit, Consuelo, Poro or San Francisco in Camotes at Danao Port.

4. Badian


In Cebu’s southwestern part, you will find Badian. Over and over again, beachgoers escape to the less crowded Lambug Beach just to get a taste of its white sand that often gets creamed colored sand depending on the time of the day. The water with varying blue shades is very impressive too.If you are fortunate enough and you will be visiting during the off-peak season, you will most like have the whole beach to yourself.

If you have some more time, take a side trip to Kawasan Falls where you can explore the nature in the most daring and adventurous custom of canyoneering. Don’t worry, you will be provided with safety gear for the activities such as hiking, camping, cliff diving and of most of all, for swimming in blue water that is so magical.

Distance from Cebu City: 97 km or around 3 to 5 hours

How to get there: From South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, hop on a bus heading to Bato via Barili (take note that there’s also Bato via Oslob, so don’t get confused). Ask the driver to drop you at Badian Public Market where you can hire a tricycle or ride a habal-habal to reach Lambug Beach

Final Thought

So there you have it, the best beaches in Cebu that you should not miss when visiting the Philippines. These beaches are just simply perfect for anyone who loves snorkeling, diving or simply swimming and be delighted with the serenity of the sea. So if you are a beach lover like me and you happen to be in Cebu or intend to visit Cebu soon, I hope the list above would be able to help you explore and enjoy the island

Anyway, have you visited any of these beaches already? Let me know your experience by sharing it in the comment section below. I’m sure your fellow readers will love to hear it.

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