Top 8 Best Beach Tent for Baby In 2018

If this is the first time you are going out to the beach with your little one and you are getting a bit confused about what you should bring, then you are in the right place!

The beach is an ideal place to relax, meet new friends, get tan and make new memories. But take note that this could also be the place where you can get uncomfortable and ugly sunburns. Of course, your skin will do well as long as you are using a hat and a sunscreen, however when it comes to your baby's skin, it might not do so well.

To protect your kid’s sensitive skin, you need to get the best beach tent for baby. It can give your baby a safe place to play outdoors while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays. But let me warn you, there are so many beach tent choices out there, how do you know that you are buying the best one for your child?





Beach tent for Infants:

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MonoBeach Portable Shade Pool UV Protection Sun Shelter 

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MinGz Large Baby Travel Tent

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KidCo P3010 Peapod

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Instant Portable Travel Baby Tent

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Beach tent for Toddler:

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Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent 

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Push up instant Beach Tent Beach

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Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter 

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Schylling UV Play Shade 

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Well, please keep on reading below as I share with you the highly recommended beach tent both for infants and toddlers.

Beach tent for Infants:

1. MonoBeach Portable Shade Pool UV Protection Sun Shelter

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On top of my list is the MonoBeach Portable Shade Pool UV Protection Sun, it’s the best choice to keep your little one protected from the harmful rays of the sun. It has a UPF 50+ so it can absorb the maximum amount of harmful UV rays.

What I like about this pop-up tent is that it is very lightweight, in fact, it only weighs around 1.8 pounds. This means you can just bring it anywhere you want to take your baby with you. It is just not perfect for the beach, but also for camping trips and even in your backyard, too.

What’s even more is that the tent is made from a fabric with a waterproof coating, so you can protect your baby in case of sudden rain. Plus the tent’s floor is made out of waterproof polyethylene, so you can be sure that the inside of the tent will always be dry.

Overall, I can say that this is the best beach tent for baby, it is simple, affordable and does what is advertised: to protect the beach’s youngest visitor.


  • It is very easy to carry around since it is lightweight
  • Since it comes with UPF 50+, this means it can absorb 98% of harmful UV rays
  • Easy to set up


  • Strong winds might blow away this tent since it’s very lightweight; though there are stakes which are the only way to stabilize it.

2. MinGz Large

Via Amazon

What I like about MinGz Large Baby Travel Tent is that it requires zero-assembly. This is a self-expanding screen tent that you can easily pop open and folded within just a few seconds. The bonus is that this baby travel bed is designed with UV50+ to keep your baby from sunburn plus there’s a high premium net so you don’t have to be afraid of stinging, biting and nasty insects.

Also, this tent is very roomy for your infant. The folding sleeping bed provides a big space without bondage, so you can easily get your baby in and out the tent. You can also keep this beach tent securely fixed on the sand since it comes with a fixed stake.

With a weight of 3.65-pounds, this is lightweight enough so it is more easily be transported compared to a pack n’ play. This tent is definitely portable, in fact, it can fit inside standard size luggage, so it is ideal for your trips that involve flying.


  • plus
    This is very portable
  • plus
    Requires zero-assembly, you can open and it pops up within seconds
  • Comes with UV protection


  • Its bottom is really thin so you might need to buy a thicker changing pad to lay inside so it would not be so hard on your baby’s back or stomach.

3. KidCo P3010 Peapod

Via Amazon

Here’s another ideal tent to take along for your beach days and all your outdoor travels. This lightweight KidCo P3010 Peapod only weights 2.45-lbs and can be folded-up to fit into a standard size carry-on bag for travel; making it so compact to carry around. However, it took me some time to learn how to pack it back up, but through practice, packing and unpacking this tent is now a breeze.

Anyway, I like how this tent comes with a sleeping pad snapped to the underside of the floor, making it so comfortable for my infant to be lying around. It is adequately ventilated too, since it is surrounded by lightweight mesh that allows air flow so it is not too hot, plus it serves as an insect screen. There’s also a large front zipper panel that makes it easy to access your children.


  • plus
    Best for outdoor use since it comes with UV protection and anchor straps for ground attachment
  • plus
    Comes with a sleeping pad


  • It is difficult to fold it back

4. Instant Portable Travel Baby Tent

Via Amazon

Instant Portable Travel Baby Tent is a recently released product by ilovebaby in which they also describe this tent as a Beach Play Tent and Bed Playpen since it has plenty of room for your baby to move around inside. It has been designed to allow you and your baby to experience as much nature and outdoor feeling as possible while you are keeping your baby protected from the harmful insects and rays of sunlight. There's also a specially designed translucent mesh for a perfect air circulation and allows you to always have a look at your baby without opening the tent.

So this tent is not only perfect for your beach das but as well as any outdoor activities like hiking and camping. And of course, this tent is made from waterproof nylon and spinning cloth so you can put it under water like seaside or under the rain; just make sure you get it dried before folding together so it won’t accumulate some molds. The tent can also be folded to a small 14-inches diameter, saving you a lot of space, plus it is super lightweight at 11-oz so you will not have any problem transporting this item especially when you need to do a lot of walking.

Anyway, when it comes to installation, this tent can be done in just a few seconds since it features instant pop-up, saving you so much time and energy.


  • plus
    Spacious enough for your infant to move around
  • plus
    Easy to set up
  • It comes with a very eye-catching design


  • It is very thin and feels a little bit flimsy

Beach tent for Toddler

1. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent 70 (Editor’s Choice)

Via Amazon

I highly recommend Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent 70 to all the busy dads and moms out there that don't want to spend so much time struggling to set up and take down a tent. I'm impressed with how this tent has been wonderfully designed to make it really user-friendly and allows you to spend more time enjoying the beach. Plus, the whole tent has UPF 50+ protection and the interior is spacious enough for your toddler to roam around inside. Other features of this tent are large windows that give excellent ventilation and some internal pockets where you can store any personal items with ease.

This tent also comes with a compact and lightweight design so you won't have any problems carrying it around. But not because this tent is lightweight doesn’t mean that its durability has been sacrificed. This tent used fiberglass frame which is exceptionally strong and even waterproof. The set also comes with a carrying case, stakes and sand pockets so you’re always on-the-go.


  • Designed to be waterproof and with UPF 50+ protection
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty


  • The supports are made of hollow fiberglass that it might break during strong winds

2. Push Up Instant Beach Tent Beach

Via Amazon

The Push Up Instant Beach Tent is a great affordable choice. Its design allows you to “push up” the tent like an umbrella, so it only requires a little assembly or disassembly. It actually just took me around two seconds to set up this tent and fold it down within five seconds.

It also comes with great sun shelter with its 190T Protective Nylon and SPF 50+ which is helpful in blocking harmful UV rays. Also, the sides of the tent come with two fine mesh screens while the back has a larger meshed window that can help block the sand but at the same time provides great air ventilation. It also used durable and light fiberglass for its frame as well as a waterproof PE floor, making it ideal for any outdoor activities.

Though it is lightweight, you know it won’t be blown by the wind, thanks to its four sand stakes and three built-in sand pockets.


  • Can easily set up and take down
  • Comes with SPF 50+ UV protection
  • Fine mesh windows for ventilation and sand protection


  • It would be nice if it comes with a front flap to provide shade on its front opening.

​​​​3. Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter

Via Amazon

There are plenty of beach tents that lack the full overhead coverage and sometimes, partial coverage is just not enough. This what made me choose the Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter! I like how it comes with full-overhead coverage feature. This pop beach shelter stands right around 5-feet tall and offers a shade of 94 x 94-inch footprint which is for me the ideal sized beach sun shade. I find this big enough to allow you and your toddler to sit comfortably underneath, but also not too big that is difficult to look for an adequate space on a crowded beach.

But most of all, this tent is easy to set up, lightweight and provides 360 degrees UV protection at an affordable price. This beach tent only weights about 9 pounds, which is very impressive considering that it comes with the much needed extra fabric for its full overhead design. When you fold this tent, it can be easily carried in a bag and thrown over your shoulder for a stress-free transport.

This tent is also made from lightweight polyester which seams have been double stitched while the fabric's edges were reinforced with additional polyester trim. This polyester is ultraviolet radiation and water resistant. It is actually rated with UPF 50+, so this means it can block 98% of ultraviolet rays.

The tent’s floor is also designed with heavy-duty polyethylene so it is protected from sand and water. But if you want your toddler to be playing in the sand under the shade, Pacific Breeze makes it easy as they included a zipper along the floor's edges that allows the center of the fabric to be detached, rolled and have direct access to the sand.


  •  Built-on sandbag pouches so you can easily and quickly weigh it down
  • Enough space inside the tent to fit you and your toddler in


  • Strong winds may blow over this tent.

4. Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF 50+

Via Amazon

Here’s my another favorite beach tent, the Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF 50+ does not only provide enough space for your toddler to play in it but also protects him from the harmful effects of the sun with its SPF 50+ as well as the Sun Sense UV play shade. This only means you can be sure that your child will not be sunburn which can cause sun damage, lethargy, and dehydration. Another great thing about this tent is that it is made from polyester, so it is waterproof, making it the best place to take cover just in case it starts to drizzle. It is very easy to clean too!

Schylling also features their own patented pop-up design that pop-ups and folds down quickly, saving you so much time on the beach. And once you’ve folded it, you can just fit it on its own “go anywhere” travel bag with ease. This bag is very easy to carry since it comes with a sling you can wear on your shoulder.

Moreover, the tent is very durable and lightweight too, so you can effortlessly pack it up whenever you need to travel to different beaches.


  • Easy to assemble by quickly popping it up and down
  • Its size is big enough to fit more than one toddler
  • Comes with SPF protection


  • There's only one flap to open so airflow might be constructed

Benefits of Using a Baby Beach Tent

1. Protects your baby from the sun.

Obviously, beach tent can give you plenty of protection from the sun so you can cut down on the amount of sunscreen you need to use. Take note that smearing sunscreen on an infant is not always a great idea since their skin is still very sensitive.

2. Shelter from the weather.

You'll never know when rain gets to pour when you're out on the beach. having a tent is a perfect way to keep your little one dry until the rain passes.

3. A safe place to sleep in.

There’s no need to bring a Pack and Play anymore, or even a bassinet. The tent could be a comfortable and safe place for your baby to take a nap especially that it is well-ventilated.

What To Look For Beach Tent For Baby

To further help you choose the best beach tent, here are some factors that you need to consider when shopping for a tent for your little angel.

1. Protection

Undoubtedly, the protection level that a beach tent could provide is the most important thing to assess before investing in a product. Take note that not all beach tents are designed to deliver both UVA and UVB protection, so don't forget to carefully check the label before purchasing.

Also, the medical association warns to avoid using sunscreen to a newborn baby, while for your toddlers you must use sunscreens with formulas specifically developed for kids.

No matter what’s the age of your baby is, a tent that can provide enough sun protection is a must.

2. Breathability

But don't make the mistake of focusing solely on sun protection whenever you are choosing a beach tent, a ventilation is just as important. If the air can't circulate inside the tent, the insides of it will become too hot for your baby which may lead to dehydration and can cause serious problems.

Beach tent that comes with mesh windows are highly recommended, check if the front door opens fully too. If the mesh windows open, it would be best but not necessarily. Also, it will be helpful if the manufacturers use light colors for the tent.

3. Base

Generally, a base that connects to the rest of the tent fabric provides more protection to your little one. It can help you prevent nasty crawlies and sand from getting to your baby. Moreover, it provides your kid something more comfortable to lie on.

Though beach tent with detachable base also works great if you want to play in the sand with your baby inside the tent.

4. Size


The ideal beach tent should have ample space for your baby to sleep and play around comfortably. We all know how our kids often play roughly, so a small tent may be too claustrophobic for them.

Opt for a beach tent that gives enough space for your toddler to stand up, sleep in and of course, there should also be more space to squeeze in their toys.

5. Portability

Can you bring the tent to and from the beach with ease? Remember that in addition to the tent, you will also need to carry your bag and your baby; therefore, the tent must be lightweight. It would also be best if the tent comes with carrying bag or case.

6. Easy to put and take down

Most of the beach tents today can now quickly pop-up into place. However, there are still some that need to be fiddled around with tent pegs and poles. This will take you more time to set up and pack away. However, the more deliberate the process of setting up is, the lesser chance it will be from snapping an in-built frame. You might even find these types of tents to deliver more stability compared to those pop-up varieties too.

7. Stability

When you are done setting up the tent, of course, we will expect that it will be able to hold its own no matter how strong the breeze decides to blow, right? We want the tent to remain standing no matter what effort our baby gives in bringing it down.

So it is important that you choose a tent that has the option of going deep into the beach sand so it could provide the hold that we are looking for. Tents that come with pegs to pin it down making sure its stability are good choices. There are also those tents that you have to use rods to thrust into the ground to give it more stability.

Whatever feature you choose, just make sure the tent can provide you with stability.

Final Thought

Keeping your baby out of the sun is absolutely necessary for their safety. Take note that their skin still has lesser melanin than you, so sun exposure can give your baby some painful burns. Fortunately, the best beach tent for baby is the perfect way to enjoy outdoors with your little one without putting them into the danger of sun damage as well as other elements like sand, wind and those nasty insects.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you invest in the right sun protection for your children and you get to enjoy the lovely beach. How about you? How do you keep your little ones protected during summer outing? Share with us your tips in the comment section below. I’m sure your fellow readers would love to hear it too.

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