12 Most Exciting Beach Games For Kids And Adults In The World

Once the weather starts getting warm, there’s no better place to enjoy the weather but the beach.  There’s definitely a wonderful feeling spending a day in the sun and on the sand.

And of course, there’s nothing that can make your beach visit more fun than some fun, exciting beach games. Beach games are the best ways to keep the kids entertained while they are out of the water while beach games for adults is not just making happy memories but can be an excellent exercise too.

For today, I will be sharing with you a list of super fun beach games for kids and adults that are playful and easy to set up! So if you’re headed to the beach this weekend, then keep on reading below and bring one or two of these games with you. 

List of Fun And Exciting Games You Can Play At The Beach

1. Shark and Minnows

This beach game needs to be played in still water or on the shore. One person will be designated as the shark while all other players will be playing as the winnows. The minnows will need to run around the shark while the shark needs to tag one of them. You can even blindfold the shark to make things more exciting.

When one minnow gets tagged, he will become a new member of the shark’s family and starts helping getting the remaining minnows. The last minnow to be tagged will be declared as the winner.

2. Water Relay

Relay race is just one of my kids’ favorite game. They just love the thrill and the adrenaline they get with this game. They used to play it with the classic spoon and egg method.


So the last time we were headed to the beach, I made sure I added this to the list of games we were about to play. But I gave the game a twist this time! Instead of using spoon and egg, I gave beach bucket and plastic cup to every player. This game can be played by kids in pairs or by two families working as a team.

To set this game up, you need to line up empty buckets in a row on the sand, about 50 feet from the edge of the shore. At the word “GO”, the first player should run to the water, fill his cup and then run back to empty the cup into the bucket. After the first player is done emptying his cup into the bucket, he should hand the cup to the next player. The next player should repeat the process.

The first team who can fill their buckets wins the game or you can also set a time limit and the team fill the bucket with most water once the time is up will be declared as the winner.

3. Musical Towels

This is so fun and easy to do! You need to set up beach towels on the sand. There should be one less towel than the number of participants.

Now, play some groovy music and get the players dancing around the towels. Then at some point, turn off the music. When the music is out, the players should stand on the towel. The person who can’t find a towel to stand in will be eliminated.

Time for the second round, remove one towel and play the music again. Keep on repeating this process until there’s only one player left who will be declared as the winner.

4. Beach Bowling

This one needs a set of pins and balls which you can just purchase at a dollar store at a cheap price. But if you can’t find one, you can improvise with empty bottles. What I like about beach bowling is that we no longer have to rent for bowling shoes that have already been worn hundred times by people we don’t know.

Anyway, to start this game, line up the pins or the empty bottles and start hitting them with your ball the way you normally do in a bowling center. Just a little tip: let the smaller kids stand up closer to the pins so they would surely make a hit.

5. Tug of War

The beach is just the best place to play tug of war. As much as it’s super fun, we can also be sure that there will be no nasty injuries when one team gets defeated and collapses into the sand.

So to begin this game, you will need to divide the adults and kids into two different teams. Draw a line in the sand and make sure that the middle of rope is right over this line. Give the ends of the rope to each team and prepare the players to start pulling the rope on the word “GO”.


By the way, tying few beach towels together can be a good alternative just in case you don’t have a rope available; though it might be a little challenging to untie them after the game.

6. Beach Dodge Ball

Beach dodge ball is played by chasing the ball and at the same time evading it. The game starts by throwing the beach ball into the air. A player should do his best to grab the ball. Once he successfully grabbed the ball, he will be given five seconds and three steps to throw the ball and hit another player.


The player that will be hit will need to sit down and won’t be allowed to chase the ball anymore. The ball will now be thrown again to give other players the chance to grab the ball. But here’s the catch, if the ball falls down near those sitting players, they can grab the ball and throw it to the standing player. If they will be able to successfully hit someone, they get the chance to stand up and get back into the game.

This game will surely exhaust everyone, so I suggest you do this during sunset or when you’re done snorkeling, kayaking or enjoying the beach.

7. Beach Volleyball

Most of the beaches already have nets set up or you can just bring your own. Beach volley is definitely my favorite beach games. This game is even a tradition to many families. There’s really something about playing this game in the beach. Probably because of the sand that serves as cushion just in case you fall, so players become more aggressive.

Well, whatever the reason is, beach volley is one of the most perfect beach games for kids and adults. But if you have little ones with you that can’t reach the net yet, start them young but tying a towel across two beach chairs. I’m sure you’d enjoy watching how many times they can hit the beach ball back and forth.

8. Water Balloon Toss

Here’s another fun game that only requires balloons filled with water.

Compose different teams with two players. These two players should stand against each other for about 3 meters apart. Start the game by having the first player toss the balloon to the other player. The other player should catch it carefully so the balloon would not burst.

Once the first round is done, make the second round challenging by adding another two step backward between two players. Repeat the process over and over again until they burst and pour the water out in them.

This is definitely another fun way to get wet while you’re in your swimwear.

9. Treasure Hunting

The beach is just the best place to be searching for some buried treasure. You can make this game as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but it is generally done by placing a coin or costume jewelry in a small plastic container and bury it in a location that can easily be remembered. Give the players some fun clues that they can use as a lead to where the treasure is.

Another way to play this game is to give the player a list of treasures that he needs to collect and a bucket to where they can place the collected treasures. The list can be as short or as long as you think the players will be able to handle. These could be shells, crabs, something blue, something round and so much more.

10. Beach Frisbee Golf

Now why don’t we make the plain old game Frisbee even more fun in the beach? Well, you need to set up your targets by using items that you brought in the beach, it could be your tent, umbrella, canopy, towel, etc. And if you’re going extra, you can even dig a hole in the sand to serve as your aim.

Now, begin the game by throwing the Frisbee as close to the target as you can. Take turns with other players. Just a little pro-tip: let the smaller kids stand closer to their targets; we don’t want to end the game with a frustrated little one.

11. Limbo, Beach Style

Now why don’t we give an exciting beach version to limbo dance that originated as early as 1800s in Trinidad? Well, have two people hold the ends of a jump rope or a boat oar, then have each of the players take turn trying to go under this bar while their backs face the sand.

After all the players were able to cross a particular height of the bar, make the game even more challenging by lowering the bar over and over again. And oh, I suggest you play some groovy music in the background to make it even more fun; just make sure you don’t disrub other vacationers.

12. Beach Ball Balancing Act

This one’s my favorite beach game, it is very easy to play and can be enjoyed by different ages. In this game, you will need one inflatable beach ball for every team composed of two players. The players will need to carry this ball across the designated finish line without touching the ball.

The players need to be resourceful enough in making their game plan like balancing the ball between their heads or pressing it between their back while they walk backwards or probably placing the ball between their stomachs and crab-walk their way to the finish line.

Do You Know There Are Health Benefits To Playing These Beach Games?

These beach games I’ve mentioned above do not only help you create fun, exciting memories as you are spending time together with your friends and family. Playing games is actually an important part of our lives, whatever you age right now may be.

You and your adult friends playing games get the opportunity of forgetting for just a short while the stresses you have at work. While your kids get the chance to relax, engage their mind’s creative center and at the same time calm their emotional well-being.

Anyway, here are some of the specific health benefits you get from playing fun games at the beach:

  • It’s a good way to relieve stress. Playing games help you release endorphin, which will make your body feel good naturally. After playing a game, you will definitely notice immediately a boost in your mood; pain can even be temporarily relieved.
  • It improves your brain functionality. This is why it is important for kids to get involved with some fun games. This will help them improve their memory retention, stimulate their imagination and fights any mental health concerns.
  • Improve your energy. Do you often feel like your old and weak then you think to yourself, “Yeah! Maybe I’m just really old.” But if you’re out there, playing games and having fun, you will absolutely feel more energetic. It can even in fact help you improve the functions of your immune system.

Final Thought

So there you have it, my highly recommended beach games for kids and adults that would surely help you make a memorable weekend.

How about you? Do you also have specific beach games that you enjoy to play with your friends and family? I would love to hear about these games too!


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