10 Beach Essentials For Baby That Will Make Your Experience Successful


Spending a day or a week on the beach is definitely one of the most beautiful ways to relax and unwind after several days of working so hard in your cubicle at the office. Now that you have your little one with, things might change. You will be spending most of the time tracking this kid like a hawk, making sure she doesn't get any sunburns or probably eat a gallon of sand. 

But that doesn’t mean you will no longer have a great time. As long as you have what your baby needs with you, I’m sure you will be able to relax completely. So to make everything a bit less daunting, I will be sharing with you today my must-have beach essentials for a baby that are very helpful to have a comfortable beach adventure. If you want to know what’s included in my list, then please keep on reading below. 

10 Baby Essentials You Should Bring For Your Next Beach Trip

So how is a mother like us supposed to enjoy the scenic view of your beach destination? Well, just make sure you will be packing these beach essentials for baby below.

1. Sunblock

First and Foremost, the most important of them all: Sunblock! Don't ever miss to pack a sunscreen and apply it for about 20 to 30 minutes before your little one gets exposed to the sun so he will be protected from burns. Don't forget to reapply too all through the day especially if your baby will be going in and out of the water.

But you have to make sure that it comes from a kid-friendly brand. It should be easy to apply and suitable for the delicate skin of your baby. It would be best if you take time to check the label for ingredients and see to it that no content would irritate or cause any allergic reactions. The skin of your baby is still very sensitive, so handle it with care.

2. Food, snacks, and munchies.

Well, this will likely depend on your baby’s age, but just make sure that you bring anything like baby puree, crackers and even fresh fruits like bananas for your baby to munch on.

And don’t forget that hydration is very important too, especially that your little one will be hanging around in the sun the entire day. So make sure that you bring his favorite sippy cup.

3. Water Shoes

Most of the parents often overlook this, they tend to forget that the sand can get hot too and some of the beaches have all sorts of stones and rocks that might be very unpleasant for your toddler to step on.

If the sand can hurt your feet, imagine uncomfortable it would be for your little one. Anyway, you don’t need anything fancy though, just something that would be easy for your baby to move around.

4. Towels and plenty of change of clothes

Of course, your baby won't be swimming in the ocean, but you might want her to try to dip her feet in the salty water, I'm sure he'd love it! This is why towels are totally a must on every beach outings.

Pack him a set of clothes too that he can change into after that. Be sure to pack enough swimming diapers and diaper cream too, together with his clothes.

5. Beach toys

Of course, sand toys like a bucket and a shovel would be a good start to make your day more fun, but there’s no need to limit your creativity. You can pack some of the fun and colorful inflatable beach ball that you can toss around or those squishy toys that squirt water or just even his favorite toy (just make sure that it will be easy to wash).

I know you're thinking that the beach can already provide
numerous entertainment as it is, but those toys that your kid is already familiar with would serve as comfort especially if he gets anxious and doesn't take to the beach right away.

I often once bring a small inflatable baby pool and it prove
s to be the best buster for boredom; it kept my baby entertained. I also placed it under the shade and threw some bath toys she won’t get exposed to the sun’s heat for so long. It was totally a hit that the only problem I encountered was trying to keep my baby out of this small pool.

6. Shade

Having something to shade you from the heat of the sun is definitely important, especially if you are planning to spend the whole day at the beach. A basic beach umbrella will do but if you are feeling luxurious, then splurge on cabana tent that is particularly made for your baby. Most of these products come with built-in UV ray protection.

A wide-brimmed hat would also be great in keeping your baby’s sensitive skin shaded. Chose one with fabric that will dry quickly.

7. Water resistant blanket

Sometimes towels would never be enough, so it would be great if you can bring a think black which allows you to cover more surface area of the ground, plus you don’t have to worry since it will only occupy less space in your already jam-packed beach bag.

8. Cleaning items

Like a lot of public places, bathrooms in most beaches aren’t kept spotless all the time. Some doesn’t even come with soap! So make sure you always bring your hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean after using the bathroom, after changing your baby’s diaper or before you will feed him.

Another important thing you should bring is baby wipes. This will not only be useful for diaper changes but it can also be helpful for quickly cleaning the face and hands of your baby. I also like bringing paper towels since they served as all-purpose wipes, like cleaning your mess after eating to dusting off sandy hands.

9. Wet bag

Believe me, a wet bag has always been my lifesaver every time I am trying to separate the dry clothes from the wet ones in my bag. You can just grab a grocery bag you no longer use, it will always do the trick.

10. Baby power

I understand how annoying it will be to remove that sticky sand from your skin, but I'm going to share with you the best-kept secret. Well, you just have to sprinkle the area with baby powder and your skin will magically get rid of the sand. There's no longer need to bring all those sand to your car, just leave it where it is supposed to be.

Final Thought

Wouldn’t it be great to spend your baby’s first beach day fun and enjoyable, from first time dipping those little toes in the sea water to ending the day, taking home this sandy bundle exhausted? Well, as long as you have these must-have beach essentials for baby, you will be good to go!

How about you, what are your must-have products whenever you take your baby to the beach? Share with us your tips in the comment section below, I would absolutely love to hear from you.

And please don’t forget to share this article with your fellow parents too!

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