American Tourister Luggage Reviews – The Only Guide You Need

American Tourister Luggage Reviews

For more than 75 years already, American Tourister has already positioned to be one of the largest luggage brands in the world; all thanks to the brand’s continued tradition of producing high quality and excellently designed luggage at a great value.

So the big question now, is American Tourister a great choice for you and your family? With this brand's wide selection of travel products, which one is the right gear for you?

Well,  shall we take a closer look to what this brand can offer? I also have my own American Tourister Luggage reviews to make things easier for you. We can't deny the fact that this company specializes in decorative, fun luggage that will stand out in the crowd that choosing one becomes a daunting task, so are you ready to know which luggage is best for you? Then please keep on reading below!

Why Choose American Tourister Luggage?

1. They let you choose between hard-case or soft-case luggage bags

American Tourister offers both hard-case and soft-case luggage bags. The hard-sided case is an excellent choice if you want to protect fragile items you are carrying with you. The soft-sided luggage, on the other hand, is generally built mostly on polyester, nylon or fabric canvas. 

What’s great about soft-sided luggage is that they can expand the most. Also, polyester and nylon are the best materials since they are much lighter.

2. American Tourister offers luggage in different sizes

It is very impressive how American Tourister comes with various luggage sizes that allows you to choose according to the length of your stay, for instance. This brand offers luggage in 55 to 66 cm that works great for a short trip of three to four days, while larger sized luggage that measures 7 to 82 cm would be more appropriate for longer stay of one week or even more.

3. They produce durable products

Don't you just hate it when you see rips or tears in your suitcase after a long tiring day of traveling? Every so often, I pick up my suitcase from the airport and I see a number of gashes in the fabric and this just makes me frustrated and worried thinking that any of my belongings might have fallen out.

Not knowing whether your luggage is capable to survive travel is something that bothers most of us all the time. Fortunately, American Tourister uses nothing but the most incredibly durable material that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear you can get from traveling. So even if your luggage gets some a-little-too-harsh handling, we are guaranteed that your bag will maintain its integrity.

Moreover, most luggage produced by American Tourister is water-resistant so it will survive different types of weather and can fight against any harsh elements.

4. They come with great features

Most of American Tourister luggage comes with four, multi-directional airflow spinner wheels that allow its users to comfortably move in any direction they want. These wheels have taken advantage of advanced technology that is different from other brands, which makes them uniquely functional. So in other words, this feature will make sharp turns a breeze whenever you hurry down the street or when you are rolling backward from one place to another.

In addition to its multi-directional capabilities, another impressive feature of American Tourister is how it rolls upright; this means that there will be no weight on your shoulders and arms. I find this feature very important to every traveler, of course, we don't want to feel weighed down by our luggage. Straining our body during travel is the last thing we want to happen, we must avoid anything that could lead to pain and discomfort.

5. You can choose among various designs

Isn't it just boring to keep seeing the same black suitcase? It seems like the most functional luggage often comes in a less pleasing, dull look or you will always be limited to only a few color choices. Not to mention, searching for your suitcase in the middle of a bunch of other similar looking cases can totally be challenging.

But with American Tourister, you can choose from a range of different gorgeous colors and quirky designs. Is pink your favorite color? Do you want something that will match the red backpack you already own? Are you a big fan of Star Wars? There will always be something that will suit your preference.


With all the attractive colors and fun designs American Tourister offers, you no longer have to worry about blending in with the crowd.

6. All of their bags come with a warranty

As with all American Tourister luggage, it comes with the Limited 10-year Global Warranty which means your suitcase is meant to last, and American Tourister will stand behind their products. 

My Top Choice of American Tourister Luggage

1. American Tourister Technum Spinner (Editor’s Choice)

American Toursiter Luggage Reviews

American Tourister Technum Spinner Via Amazon

10 Year Limited Warranty





9 x 14 x 20 inches

11 x 16 x 24 inches

12 x 19 x 28 inches

6.5 pounds

7.2 pounds

8.5 pounds

If you are someone who wants something fun and is always ready to go, then I'm sure you will love the American Tourister Technum Spinner. This hardside spinner features both amazing style and excellent structure that is guaranteed to deliver all the demands of today's busy traveler.

So just like the adventurous traveler you are, American Tourister Technum Spinner 20L is ready to hit the road with you and go wherever life will take you. I must say this is the best American Tourister luggage you can use for quick train trip down the coast or even for a longer adventure.


Anyway, this luggage features Smooth-rolling, dual spinner wheels so there will be easy movement. It also rolls upright so there will be no uncomfortable weight on your shoulder or arm. The luggage can also expand up to 1.5 inches and a fixed TSA 3 dial lock is incorporated to keep your belongings safe.

The large front panel interior pocket is just amazing too for added packing organization. The deep main compartment comes with mesh modesty pocket appropriate for your personal items. There’s also Compression straps that will keep your clothing neatly packed while traveling.


  • The luggage is lightweight since it is made from polycarbonate case
  • Dual spinner wheels for a smooth ride
  • Side-mounted TSA locks that act to deter theft
  • Comes with a comfortable grip, retractable top and side carry handles


  • The luggage is only great for short trips

​2. American Tourister ILite Max Softside Spinner

American Toursiter Luggage Reviews

American Tourister ILite Max Softside Spinner Via Amazon

10 Year Limited Warranty

600dx600d poly/nylon fabric




21 x 14.5 x 8 inches

25 x 18 x 10 inches

29 x 20 x 11 inches

7.2 pounds

9.7 pounds

11.24 pounds

Are you searching for a luggage that is both functional and stylish? Well, American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner combines class and the latest technology to give you the best possible luggage whatever your purpose is.

First and foremost, this luggage features easy mobility. I know it is such a nightmare maneuvering your suitcase filled with all your personal belongings in the middle of a crowded airport. Often, even if your luggage comes with wheels, its rolling mechanism can get broken, leaving you incapable of moving or turning backward whenever you need too. I always get frustrated and anxious when this happens, especially when I am in a hurry.

Fortunately, this suitcase comes with four, multi-directional airflow spinner wheels allowing you to move in any direction you want. So if you’re someone like me who’s always in a rush, you’d really appreciate this feature. The wheels glide easily over many types of ground, rolls without any difficulty and allows you for a quick push and pull. Also, this suitcase also rolls upright so we can be sure it won’t weigh you down and any tension in your body will at least be alleviated.

Moreover, this luggage has combined two of the most durable material: Polyester Fabrics and Nylon, so we can be guaranteed that this product is sturdy enough to survive the harshness of traveling. The fabric is also water resistant, this means it is resilient to different types of weather. We can be condiment that a light sprinkling outside won't ruin your electronic equipment.

American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 25 also comes in a various color option that is so unique that it will stand out from others, making it easy to locate when you are retrieving luggage from the airport. 


  • Comes with enough space to fit large amounts of clothing without any difficulty.
  • Comes in unique color choices so it would be easy to locate the luggage
  • Features co-molded zipper pulls that make sure you won’t get stuck while you are trying to shut your suitcase


  • Its extending handle found on top randomly drops back down even if you are not pushing the button.

3. American Tourister Belle Voyage Spinner

American Toursiter Luggage Reviews

American Tourister Belle Voyage Spinner Via Amazon

10 Year Limited Warranty

poly/nylon fabric




10.2 x 15 x 23 inches

12 x 18 x 27.3 inches

13.4 x 19.5 x 41 inches

7.8 pounds

8.8 pounds

10.5 pounds

Talk about fashion statement! The American Tourister Belle Voyage Spinner Luggage will help you fit in with all the latest fashion trends. It is the best way to keep things chic and function no matter where your destination may be.

First, let's talk about its rose gold accents! They just look so pretty on the zipper pulls, push-button locking handle and especially on the logo. But what impressed me more is its spacious main compartment that expands up to 1.5 inches for an added packing capacity.

When it comes to organizing your essentials, there’s nothing to worry about!  Its front panel interior pocket is large enough for you to neatly arrange everything you need for your travel and quickly access them while its deep main compartment comes with mesh modesty pocket that's just perfect for your personal items. There are also compression straps to make sure you can keep your clothing neatly packed.

This luggage also features single airflow spinner wheels that make sure there will be smooth-rolling and provides multi-directional maneuverability and easy movement. It rolls upright too, so there will be no weight on your arm or shoulder.

But above all, this fully featured luggage comes at a remarkable price for travelers on a budget. American Tourister Belle Voyage Spinner Luggage is definitely the best way to enjoy comfortable travels without compromising stylish functionality. Isn't it impressive how American Tourister allows fashion to meet affordability, function, and fun? 


  • Features spacious main compartment that expands to 1.5-inch
  • Comes with gorgeous rose gold accents
  • Features smooth-rolling spinner wheels that are multidirectional and provide easy movement


  • It is a bit huge so you need to watch your weight limit

4. American Tourister Belle Voyage Rolling Tote

American Toursiter Luggage Reviews

American Tourister Belle Voyage Rolling Tote Via Amazon

10 Year Limited Warranty

poly/nylon fabric


10 x 21.2 x 17.3 inches

6.1 pounds

Another part of the most fashionable collections of American Tourister Belle Voyage series is the Rolling Tote Carry-on Luggage which has similar look and features with the already mentioned American Tourister Belle Voyage Spinner 28 like the rose gold accents on the zipper pulls, push button and logo, large interior packing compartment which is expandable for added packing organization, single airflow spinner wheels and of course affordable price.

However, this only has an overall dimension of 18” x 14.25” x 7.8” which makes it a great carry-on luggage as it fits under most of the airline seats. This is definitely an excellent bag to use for weekend getaways.


  • A spacious main compartment that comes with zippered fold-down entry so you will have clear access to all of your items
  • Wheels that provide a smooth ride
  • Fits under the seat of most airlines


  • This is only a carry luggage so it is not suitable for long days of travel

​2. American Tourister Star Wars

American Toursiter Luggage Reviews

American Tourister Star Wars Via Amazon

10 Year Limited Warranty




21 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches

28 x 20.8 x 13 inches

6.61 pounds

11.02 pounds

Another really cool thing about American Tourister is that they offer amazing designs, like American Tourister Star Wars which is a fun limited edition inspired by my favorite Star Wars series. Who doesn't want an R2-D2 or Darth Vadar luggage? Well, I’ll be very happy to take both.

But this is not just all about quirky designs that will stand out on the baggage conveyor no doubt, this product is made of ABS plastic which means it can withstand baggage handlers and can stand against wear-and-tear. The inside of the bag comes with two large, zipped pouches as well as gorgeously designed lining. The clothing compartment is spacious enough for an optimal organization with compression straps that will keep your belongings in place.

It also features a retractable handle that provides easy maneuverability when it is extended and can be neatly stored inside whenever you are not using it. This luggage also comes with 4 multidirectional wheels for easy mobility.

With its quality construction, fashionable look and of course, reasonable price tag, I must say this is an excellent choice.


  • You can choose among four Star Wars character: Darth Vader, Multi BB8, R2D2 and Storm Trooper.
  • Features Star Wars branded push button pull handle and zipper pulls
  • Made from sturdy ABS plastic shell that can withstand wear and tear 
  • Easy to spot on the luggage carousels


  • It gets scratches quite easily. 
  • The bag is a little heavier compared to similar products

Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed my American Tourister Luggage reviews and this article will help you invest in a product that is worth your money. American Tourister definitely sticks to their goal of producing high-quality luggage that you can rely on and at the same time stylish and fun. I can really that is a smart choice for you and your family. So be on the go with the gear that is right for you!

How about you? Have you used American Tourister Luggage before? Let me know your experience by leaving a comment below! I would love to hear from you.
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