The Best Way To Spend 3 Days in London

Are you planning to spend 3 days in London? Well, I will be sharing with you my itinerary which I think would be a great fit for anyone who only a have a few days to spare in this beautiful city capital of England and the United Kingdom.

Don’t worry, I will make sure that all the city’s top attractions will be included in this itinerary and you will be able to make the most of your stay.

So are you ready to see all the major highlights when visiting London? Then please keep on reading below.

Things You Should Do In London for Three Days

I created this itinerary making sure that I will be able to explore the best things to do in London in just 3 days. This was based on recommendations from local experts. Well, this itinerary is just a suggestion; you can change it according to your personal interest.

Day 1

See the Coca-Cola London Eye

First things first, head on to the Coca-Cola London Eye. I suggest you get there as early as 10:00 am so you can beat some of the crowds and also take advantage of the prime daytime lighting to capture even more beautiful photos from one of the top landmarks in London.

You can spend about 30-minutes to go around the eye and get a 360-degree panoramic view from the observation pod. What's great is that in every observation pod, you will find an interactive touch screen that features detailed historical information and maps to give a context of the sights you will be seeing from the pod.

Some of the signs that you will get to see are Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Royal Albert Hall, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, the British Museum, the Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the River Thames, and so much more.

Hop on the Big Bus London Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Your first day in London is the best time to get acquainted with the place and get the chance to see all of the top beautiful attractions and landmarks. And the best way to do this is by joining a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour.

You can hop-on or off anytime you want at more than 50 stops or you can just stay on the bus for the entire tour loop and see the city sights while at the same time learn all about the culture and history of London. I’m sure you will be impressed how entertaining the tour guide will narrate all this.

Visit Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery

Next stop will be the Trafalgar Square. Walk around and admire its wonderful architectures and fountains. Don't forget to take a photo with the popular lion statues that guard the base of Nelson's Column.

Then visit National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery which are among the biggest art museums in the world that feature popular paintings from 13th to 19th centuries. What’s even great is that both galleries are free from admission.

Exploring St. Paul’s Cathedral

Next, head on to one of England’s most iconic architectural landmarks. Though it comes with a pricey admission, most travelers agreed that seeing its inside is well worth every penny. No wonder why it is one of the most visited attractions in London.

Day 2

Take some beautiful photos at Westminster Abbey

To begin your second day in London, head on to the iconic medieval church of Westminster Abbey which has graced so many royal coronations and weddings. I'm sure most travelers will agree with me that Westminster Abbey is indeed a must-see attraction. But before you plan your tour, make sure you check the attractions calendar for any scheduled closing, though it is usually open to visitors from Monday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Next, tick off your list another iconic London structure, the Big Ben. It is definitely the most famous clock in the world which often represents the London in TV, films, magazines and more. I suggest you head to the area around 12:00 noon to hear Big Ben strike and take in the sound that has been spreading all over London for more than 150 years.

The clock tower that houses the Big Ben is attached to the Houses of Parliament which you can visit for free. This is actually a meeting place for the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom. The public galleries are also a must see.

Take a look inside Buckingham Palace

Isn't it great that Queen Elizabeth II's London home is also open for a tour? You can take a photo of the palace's Grand Staircase which is definitely the highlight of the tour.

I'm sure the magnificent bronze staircase with an intricate pattern of acanthus, laurel leaves, and oak will look good on photos. Plus it is being lit by an etched glass dome in the ceiling. You will also come across some fine art by famous artist like Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Vermeer, Canaletto, Rubens and Claude including some sculpture of Canova and Chantrey.

But the most favorite of the visitors is the majestic Throne Room which contains the thrones that have been used for ceremonial receptions and investitures like Queen's Jubilees.

Walking in Hyde Park & Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

From the Buckingham Palace, you can take a stroll towards the popular Hyde Park and walk along the recreational lake called The Serpentine. You can also pay a visit to Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Day 3

Join Wembley Stadium Tour

Well, your 3 days in London will never be complete if you don’t get to experience authentic football; especially to a football fan like me. There’s this strong culture that definitely revolves around this sport.

There are guided tours to the iconic Wembley Stadium that you can join in and get to see the home of the England national football team as well as the home to the yearly FA Cup Final. The tour guide can walk you through to the most historical and unforgettable moments in the history of football.

Shopping at the London Designer Outlet

If you’re looking forward to shop, you can head over to the London Designer Outlet (a one-stop shopping destination) after your tour at Wembley Stadium. The so many popular brands that can be found in the outlet like The North Face, Nike, Oakley and so much more.

You can also have some quick lunch at any of the famous restaurants in the area; I highly recommend Handmade Burger Co for a quick bite.

Final Thought

I know 3 Days in London is a limited amount of time for sightseeing but it would be enough to enjoy all of the popular attractions. Anyway, I hope this itinerary will be a big help to your next adventure. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below. I would do my best to give you the answer.

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