Top 5 Best Personal Item Bags (18x14x8) When Flying Spirit Airlines

best personal item bag

We all know how ridiculous bag fees are. So as a frequent flyer, we need to be wise and beat these extra charges by traveling light like packing only a personal item bag.

But what exactly is a personal item bag? Well, for most airlines, they define this as a laptop bag, purse or other similar bags. However, there are now new stricter regulations, several budget airlines are now strictly defining the size of a personal item bag. For instance, Spirit Airlines allows one personal item bag per passenger for free but this should not be larger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches while the carry on should not exceed the size of 22 x 18 x 10 inches.

So, never begin your trip with a downer. I rounded up below five of the best personal item bag that should give you peace of mind while giving plenty of carrying space. If you want to find out what brands made it to the list, then please keep on reading below.

My Top Choices of Personal Item Bag

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Best Personal Item Bag

18 x 14 x 8 inches


5.85 pounds


This rolling travel tote by American Tourister is definitely the best personal item bag. It offers security and easy portability. It easily fits all your travel essentials for a short trip and it has instant access to everything you will ever need while you're traveling with its quick access zip opening. But most of all, it will fit under most airline seats, making it a very convenient companion for every modern traveler.

Unlike the bags I mentioned above, this bag comes with single airflow spinner wheels and it can expand up to 1.5-inch for added packing capacity when needed. It also has a retractable handle that gives easy maneuverability when you are extending it out from the suitcase and stores neatly inside whenever you are not using it. It locks in place in both the store and fully extended positions for protected traveling.

I’m sure you will love its design too. American Tourister thoughtfully designed this bag to make it functional. Plus, it comes in three different color (Teal, Purple/Pink, Black/Grey) that definitely pops.


  • It features single airflow spinner wheels that effortlessly glide
  • It can expand to 1.5-inch for added packing capacity
  • It has easy grip zippers and push-button locking handles


  • The pull handle tends to constantly shifts position making it difficult to pull at times
Best Personal Item Bag

10.6 x 6.3 x 14.6 inches


1.32 pounds

Our Rating:

Hynes Eagle has been known for being a go-to brand for any school, casual or travel bags. The brand focus on high-quality materials, fashion inspiration, and functions to create the perfect bag. And this lightweight school backpack is no exception, it serves as good personal item bag. It comes with minimalist yet classic design so it will really stand out from the crowd while you are waiting for your plane to board. It is made from high-quality nylon fabric so we can be sure that it is not only fashionable but durable as well.

Best Personal Item Bag

But what impressed me more is how organized this bag is. It comes with two side pockets: there is one big zipper pocket found at the front and another security zipper pocket inside where you can store your important personal items like passport, pocket money, etc. – really perfect for your personal needs.

Moreover, its main compartment has a large capacity and enough room for your travel needs. It can fit a 15-inch laptop, water bottles, clothes, and other travel essentials. Plus, the compartment comes in light-colored strip lining that helps you easily see everything inside.

And since this bag comes in a doctor bag-style opening, the things inside can be easily accessed. The vertical zipper in the backside gives you quick access to the main compartment. Also, this bag comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps so it will provide comfort while carrying it.


  • You can choose among 6 colors: Black, Calendula Yellow, Grey, Light Pink, Mint Green and Navy Blue
  • It is made from high-quality nylon fabric so we can be sure that it is durable
  • It has easy access to its compartment


  • There’s a wire along the top zipper to keep a nice shape but you may need to fully unzip the bag in order to get something.
18x14x8 backpack

18 x 14 x 8 inches


1.15 pound


This is a custom-sized personal item bag made to meet the terms with the Spirit, American, Frontier airline requirements, we can be sure that it will perfectly fit under the seat in front of you. This means there’s no longer need to check or pay additional fees.

Moreover, this bag is made from water resistant 600 denier polyester (600D); so even if the bag comes at an inexpensive price, we are guaranteed that it is made to be durable and even lightweight and water resistant.

Best Personal Item Bag

You will not see any dividers or compartments with this backpack, so this means more open space for your personal items that holds plenty for a short trip, though it features an internal pocket that hides and protects up to a 16-inch laptop as well as built-in outside pocket that allows you to stash a cell phone.

When it comes to comfort, the bag has a soft back while the straps are padded and adjustable.


  • It has plenty of room for a short trip
  • Works with Frontier, Spirit American airlines
  • It comes with sturdy built and solid feeling seams and zippers


  • None
18x14x8 duffle bag

17 x 14 x 7 inches


0.62 pounds


Narway definitely lives to their goal of creating durable, high-quality bags that meet the demands of the city and it shows in this 18x14x8 Duffle Bag that is made from unique durable fabric, making it super lightweight.

This bag is very travel-friendly! It's amazing that this bag meets most airlines carry on limits and you can easily tuck it in under the seat in front of you, plus it is easy to transport with its strap that allows you to slide over the luggage upright handle tube.

18x14x8 duffel bag

Actually, there are three ways to carry this bag. There are two handle straps as well as an adjustable and removable shoulder strap for carrying versatility and comfort. Its smart design is just amazing too! There’s a designated shoe compartment which you can also store your dirty laundry as you travel to keep them separated from the clean stuff.

And since its foldable and super lightweight, this will serve as a good back up bag too; you will never know how many souvenirs you will find and want to take home during your trip.


  • This bag meets the personal item bag requirement by most budget airlines
  • It is foldable and lightweight which is very useful just in case your suitcase swells
  • The bag is versatile and durable enough to survive the harshness of traveling.
  • It has plenty of room


  • The zipper gets occasionally folded inside out so it’s difficult to zip up when you’re in a rush
Best Personal Item Bag


14 x 6 x 11 inches


1.15 pounds


Here’s another duffel bag that is versatile, lightweight and multi-purpose, making it perfect travel companion whether spending a weekend with your friends or flying solo for your business trip.

Best Personal Item Bag

This bag looks so elegant with the combination of black and white and you can choose from the three designs, there are black and white polka dots, black and white stripes and Black Quilted Polyester. The material used for this bag is also just amazing. For instance, on its exterior, the stripes are made of polyester while the polka dots are made of cotton. The straps and base of the bag are made of black canvas while its interior is made from a grey polyester material.

To make sure your staff are well organized, the bag has an exterior pocket so you can easily access small items while interior pockets are also available as well as a table sleeve that could feet most tablets and small laptops and is detachable by Velcro.


  • The bag has ample of space to so fit in all you need for a short trip
  • It has a comfortable handle and shoulder strap, making it easy to transport


  • Interior fabric is a little thin that it tends to leave you with shredded fabric

How to Choose An Excellent Personal Item Bag?

Your personal item bag may be small but it should be able to accomplish a lot of things. You may have your main carry-on luggage which should be able to fit in the overhead bin, but your personal item bag should be much smaller to fit below the seat in front of you.

The type of bag that you should choose to use will also be dependent on the length of your trip as well as your planned activities. Anyway, to make things easier for you, I suggest you spend some time picking out the right piece for your unique needs. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing your personal item bag:

1. Size

18 x 14 x 8 inches is the highly recommended size for a personal item bag since this is what most budget airlines will allow you to carry. Well, at least it has enough space to consolidate smaller, essential items such as electronic, small purse or cosmetics; but what’s great is that it has some wiggle room where you can just stuff in all the last minute items you have to bring but wasn’t able to pack.

Just don’t forget to check with your commercial airline regarding the maximum dimensions you are allowed to carry for a personal item; this varies from one airline to another. Just at least make sure it will be not too bulky and it would comfortably fit below the airplane seat. 

2. Shape

I love to bring a personal item bag that comes with an open design since it allows me to just put several items inside. Also, the ones with bucket-like fit can be grown or minimized according to your packing needs, this will give you more option compared to a bat that is totally sectioned off and compartmentalized.

If bucket bags are not your type, just make sure that bag you choose comes with a flexible shape, so that it will be much easier to bring whatever your travel needs such as random items you throw in the last minute like a bottle of water or snacks you will be buying at the airport.

I also recommend that you stick with bags made from fabrics since they are easier to clean, whether it gets dirty from the airport's floor or whenever you rest your feet above it during the flight.

3. Pockets and Closures

Something that comes with a zipper is an excellent choice. You don’t want your bag to accidentally open while you are placing it through the airport scanner or while it is under the seat in front of you during your flight – what’s worse than losing your passport or wallet during the trip?

Also, the more pockets it has, the better. Pockets are very useful since they can serve as built-in packing cubes that hold your items in designated spots. In this way, you can be more organized and keep your stuff on the go. Plus whenever you have to get something, you don't have to spend so much time sticking your head under the airplane seat, searching for your item – the airplane is already pretty cramped, I'm sure your fellow passenger sitting next to you will not appreciate it.

Final Thought

So there you have it, a list of personal item bags that will make any flight a breeze. I can guarantee that these bags, along with a perfectly packed personal item, will make getting to your destination seem like part of the vacation.

Anyway, I hope this article will help you find the best personal item bag that will suit your travel needs. If you have any more questions or suggestions, please leave it in the comment section below; I would love to hear from you.
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